‘The book of love has music in it
In fact that’s where music comes from’

Songwriter: Stephin Merritt

In a bid to curb the new variant coronavirus – that is 70% more catchable than the original – from spreading more rapidly in Kent I’m stuck in my unlocked prison in Tier 4 top-level lockdown. Only the food shops are open. It’s a pity I never got my Christmas gifts for the family online. It’s too late now. I’ve said farewell to creativity for Christmas hence today a song of mine from 2017 when everything was easy. First the lyrics, then the song itself. Sing along if you want. It’s called ‘Dream Rescuer’. I hope you enjoy, and HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everyone no matter what you believe in, or no belief at all.

You rescued dreams
And nightmare schemes
Spinning around inside your head
You kept them in your diary
A book you said you’d never read

Come morning
Come daylight
You’re lost in time
A dream you dared to dream
Come morning
Come daylight
You’re lost this time
I hope I said goodbye

You rescued dreams
And nightmare schemes
Spinning around inside my head
Pressed Petals
And four leaf clovers
Turning the pages
Of wild illusions

‘Dream Rescuer’ is the title track from my album of the same name. It can be downloaded from BANDCAMP It’s a ten track album for just £5 (or equivalent) you might like.

A reminder that someday my guitar and me will get back to France

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

48 thoughts on “DREAMS & UNLOCKED PRISONS”

    1. Thanks, Shey. I’ll pass your message on. The old man, still not close to being 100% is threatening to post on WP before 2020 is over. I hope he does. It’ll get his mind onto other things. Thanks again ~ George

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  1. JGC, thank you for a heartfelt post and beautiful song. Your words and music triggered a lot of thoughts. I started to wonder about memories, and if the memory is better or becomes kinder than the original experience? Weird, I know. Of course the memories then fall into to basic groups, “good and bad”. Quite the rabbit hole. Do good memories remain good/pleasant or do they start to blur, and do the bad memories start to soften due to the same blur? Ah, I guess it’s the lens. Please feel free to delete this ramble. Wishing you and your family a warm and safe holiday season. ~ PM

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    1. I like ‘what if?’ type rambles, PM. Do top class memories evolve with time? I think good ones get bigger and better, and bad ones worse than they were when they happened. Metaphor central for some people. In between memories of all sorts get put in the library inside our heads and covered in dust in case they’re needed one day. I don’t think the brain is deliberately exaggerating best/worst memories, it just happens that way. I’m guessing this doesn’t add much to the ‘what if?’. Sorry about that ~ JGC

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      1. JGC, what a great visual, ‘library inside our heads and covered in dust’. I imagine everything is catalogued for easy access. I like free association, where you float from one memory to the next. I agree, any exaggeration would not deliberate, I think only the conscious mind can make it deliberate. Enjoy your day. ~ PM

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      2. I think I owe Green Day a thanks for ‘library inside our heads and covered in dust’, PM. As a kid I got into their stuff big time and the song ‘Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)’ was the first ballad I’d ever liked. Ever since I’ve sometimes played around with the line from that number that goes, ‘So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind, Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time’. Anyway, today it’s not raining but everything including my car I’ve just noticed is covered in a thick frost, except the old bloke walking his old dog. Deep joy – not. Have a warmer day than here ~ JGC

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      3. It’s been cold here, JGC, which is odd. The forecast 48 F at sunrise, I imagine that might be what you’re used to. I usually walk, not today, cold and rainy. I think the weather matches the mood of late. You made me laugh, thank you, “Deep joy – not.” Stay warm! ~ PM


  2. Good music and interesting words. I get it about the whole Covid thing. I have found myself wearing a bit thin at the edges. Christmas will be a different affair. We usually have a scratch and dent group for breakfast and family for the dinner. This year it will be my husband and me. Fortunately we get along well and it will be ok. Best wishes for a Happy Christmas or Winter Festival as my horse calls it. And also I hope we will all have a more peaceful New Year. 🎄🎄

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    1. Thanks. Here’s one. It’s true, I know it for a fact because I live in Dover. 5,000 lorries parked up in these parts from Thanet to here and beyond. 3 days on stuck here the drivers – blokes mainly from Poland, France, Croatia etc. etc. – they’ve had no toilet, food, washing facilities, water, coffee etc. etc. again. They just want to go home. In Dover the streets are full of lorries parked up with nowhere to go. They can’t get onto a ship across La Manche until they get tested for the virus. They were promised that the army today would sort it out for them. The army never showed up. Out of order, but that’s not the worst. What has caused the fights with the police is when the camel broke his back. Our local council decided to send out the traffic wardens to put tickets on all the lorries parked up in town. F**k’s sake. Humanity at work – not. Disgusting, ‘yes’ ~ George

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      1. Dear heavens. Patel was supposed to be organising that. My heart goes out to them. So proud of the people from the Salvation Army and the Sikh community whop have been doing their best to feed these guys.

        It’s rotten for them, but also rotten for the locals who have to see it all and so little they can do… and that’s without thinki9ng about how dangerous things must be for these people.

        Honestly Britain makes me utterly sick

        I’d definitely be telling the traffic wardens to stick their tickets where the sun don’t shine. Send them to Patel. It her fault.

        Can I reproduce this post at Munguin’s Republic, George? I think readers would like to know.


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      2. That’s OK with me I reckon. I’m going to try and get a few pics – from a distance – from the harbour today. Didn’t do it yesterday as it was mainly tipping down ~ George

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  3. I know what you mean about bidding creativity farewell this year. That’s pretty much what I had to do from October onward, and it sucked. Hoping for inspiration, peace, and hope for 2021, for our home as well as yours xxxxx

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  4. That was lovely, George!
    Yeah, we are in our second lockdown, for almost 7 weeks. I have a feeling it won’t be lifted before spring.
    Hey, your dad is up and about on WP! His sense of humour and wicked imagination are quit intact!


    1. I would just like to say, that I for one, envy those who live in countries who have leaders that have the wisdom to do lockdowns. Even though I know they’re hard, the fact that my country will not do a national one size fits all lockdown to help control this hideous beast is disconcerting and in fact, rather heartbreaking for me. I have been nowhere since Thanksgiving except for one doctor’s appointment which couldn’t be avoided. I have chosen to completely self isolate until this thing can be put to right in some way.

      I appreciated the words to this song and am glad for people who have the ability to show their feelings and what is on in their world.

      Patty L. Fletcher

      Self-Published Author and Social Media Promotional Assistant

      Email: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com

      See my latest book, Pathway to Freedom Broken and Healed: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life Second Edition in eBook and Paperback at: https://www.amazon.com/Patty-L.-Fletcher/e/B00Q9I7RWG

      Find it in various accessible formats: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/PattyFletcher

      See my Facebook business page: https://www.facebook.com/tellittotheworld/

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      1. Thanks, Patty. I’ve not left my place for ages as well. It’s hard; its killed my creativity music wise; my business is dying, but it is important not to pass on the virus. My dad is unwell presently. The last thing I’d want to do is to infect him. The police seem to be taking it more seriously now. It costed a local bloke £200 for refusing to wear a mask in the supermarket the other day. I think we are at last getting our act together. My county is where the new variation of the virus started. I heard 1 in every 30 people where I live has now contracted corona. That’s a big stat. Thanks again ~ George.


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