Artwork by Dan Barrett


It’s a pointless conversation
In a dark and empty room
You might as well go speak to
The grey wolf howling at The Moon

Searching for castles in the air
Lost in that same dark and empty room
Thinking of tomorrow’s daydreams
Praying they’ll come true sometime soon

This day, it counts for nothing
Worldwide, faces in disguise
In the clear sight of the invisible
Makes for sad eyes and sad goodbyes

Was it written in the stars
Or dressed up in some new tune
Those pointless conversations
Howling at The Moon?

Music wise the song below – one I wrote back when I was a student – fits my current mood, lost in a lock-down’s creativity free zone. The song seems it has real purpose now. I’d like to give it a new title. I hope you enjoy;

The inside of my head

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.


  1. Right now, the inside of my head resembles yours, so thinking straight is well nigh impossible.
    This doesn’t seem to stop me functioning though, so not complaining!
    Loving the poem and the image for Howling at the moon…

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  2. Love this,George!
    I think it’s my fave to date.
    I believe when we are at our creative beginnings, we are valiantly creative. We do, without over thinking.
    It’s great that you are looking back, and finding past masterpieces for today’s world.

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    1. Thanks, Resa. Right now most musicians have got their material best they can but the music is wearing a face mask so it’s hard to match it with words, also with a mask. I’m all for face masks, but they do nothing for creative emotions. That’s how it feels. You’re right, looking back in these times is more creative than living in the dull moment. Thanks again ~ George

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      1. Agree! That makes me think that I need to spend more time with my new Art Gown. It is a new idea, but it’s all made from things/fabrics from the past. (late70’s) Maybe the past will help the present, in a way, as we struggle to get to a point where we can unmask.
        It’s so bad here, I’m wearing 3 masks at a time, or 2 masks and a shield. -Resa

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      2. I try to avoid humans best I can. I’m just a one mask man. I wonder if there’s a record number of how many masks a person could have? If I held the record I guess it would go viral! ~ George

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      3. I bought triple layer medical ones today. So 2 of those + my 2 ply tight weave cotton mask I made = 8 layers. + there is a very dense rose embroidered over where my mouth and nose are. That’s got to be an extra 2 layers.
        Looks like I’m 10 in!

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      4. That has to be a record, Resa. Not sure if it’s a world record only because there are certifiable nutters out there. One of my mothers many masks is one that has a great big, horrible mouth on it along with vampire teeth. When the cafes were open for a few weeks before the new lockdown the waitress was carrying a tray of drinks outside. When she turned around to mum’s table she dropped the whole tray and screamed. Odd ~ George

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  3. How perfect, JGC, ‘Howling at the moon’. Your words have a dreamy-melancholy quality to them and are quite poignant. I feel we’re all emblematic of the frantic silent howls of the grey wolf with its leg in the jaws of a snaggletooth bear trap. No howls to be heard, no reasons to be objectified, and no defenses for a multitude of other wolves. The frustrating lack of compassion and common sense is like running blind into an onslaught of flying bullets. It does seems pointless. Beautiful lyric and I’m looking forward to the melody/music. Super artwork by Dan Barrett. Love your photo of the inside of your head, very surreal. Erasing the 38th is also perfect for this post, it does capture the mood. Could it be a blue mood? Maybe all shades of blue. Take care and have a not so, well maybe a bit of an azure Wednesday. ~ Mia

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    1. Thanks, PM. For me, and maybe a lot of over other songwriters, it’s a hard one is writing verse that stands up as verse but also can be the basis for a lyric. Not a thing I used to do. A corona plus, maybe? For example, third line, first verse, ends in the word ‘to’ linking it smoothly to line four. It sounds stupid but it took me half an hour just working out the word was needed ‘to’ give the piece scope for music. Another, ‘has it come to this moment’! I’m glad you like it. ‘Blue mood’ is good. Blue mood is where we’re all at. I like it as it can have loads of definitions and also means happy and sad at the same time. The scaffolding on ‘inside my head’ is at the back of a big hotel in the harbour. The back never gets any sun so it ghostly even in daylight. Not even the pigeons and seagulls bother going there. I’d leave the scaffolding there forever, but that won’t happen. My email just this minute told me a radio station in Arizona wants to use my songs. That’s about half a dozen US stations are playing my work now – a plus, hopefully. Have a great day ~ JGC

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      1. JGC, I think it may be one of the few corona pluses, and you nailed it. I like the wrapping, ending the line with a ‘to’ lends itself nicely to the opening of the following line with no hesitation, an uninterrupted flow, ‘smooth’ as you mentioned. Glad you like the Blue Mood, it’s a fog of sort that I’ve been wandering around in since March, at least it’s not green. Originally when I saw the enormous scaffolding in your photo it instantly reminded me of the American Surrealist, Kay Sage, and her painting, “Tomorrow is Never”. I think you might like her work; she creates the most wonderfully delicate (post-apocalyptic) arid landscapes among her other works. Congratulations on US radio airtime! Have a non-green Thursday. ~ PM

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      2. Thanks for pointing me in Kay Sage’s direction, PM. I’d never heard of her. I checked out her art. I don’t normally like neat, clean, crisp type paintings, but her surreal touch is something else. ‘No Passing’ is my favourite at the moment. It’s like the beach huts in Folkestone should look – maybe beach huts everywhere should look. Later on I’ll check out some more, from what I’ve seen she has a massive portfolio. Have a great day ~ JGC

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  4. Here’s an interesting exercise I found (made up) today: take one of your lyrics and make it into a story. You’llfind you already have characters, venue and timeline in mind so follow that up by writing down a beginning, middle and end to the story in rough form. You can fill in the details as you go on. Start by imagining your characters in the venue. What do they look like, how are they dressed, what expressions are on their faces? They have them look around. What do they see, hear and smell? Then have them look at each other. What do they feel about the character in front of them, what do they want to say to them, what does they want to do? Now set them in motion. Make them do what’s in their hearts. Now write about it. Don’t bother with polishing the words up yet – just get it all down. Having fun?

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    1. Thanks for your advice Robert. Appreciated. I’ve always wanted to write more, but right now I’m behind schedule on the new album, and, since this lockdown, trying to keep my business alive. Like a lot of other businesses in the industry, music for most of us, is pretty much dead. However, I have taken note of your advice and look forward to the day when I can give it go. Thanks again ~ George


  5. That cover artwork is love, loooove, looooooooove. Of course it complements the lyrics well. Howling at the moon with masked faces and all. There was a time that masked faces are feared as they could be robbers or something. Lol!

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    1. Thanks Marisse. I live in a town but funny enough the biggest dog fox I’ve ever seen seems to have made his mind up that he owns the garden. Handy he wasn’t a wolf, thinking about it ~ George


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