We’re dancing with the shadows
To the heartbeat of the moon
While you’re out there doing battle
To a bygone marching tune

We’re a reality waiting to happen
No longer hiding behind closed doors
Your charisma counts for sweet nothing, my friend
When there is no mesmerized applause

We’re dancing with the shadows
To the shimmer of the sun
You’re never going to tame us now
Not me, not anyone  

Dancing with the shadows
And dreaming of the day
When truth and freedom are a given
And the silent have their say

We’re dancing with the shadows
To the whisper of the waves
Dancing with the shadows
No more graves, no barricades

Of this week’s pics only the fourth one is mine. The others are curtesy of the old man. He’s not been 100% for a while now, hence he’s not been writing nor blogging. Some of you might know him. His name is Mike Steeden and he asked me to send his regards. Anyway, we dragged him out on the only decent day we’ve had over the last few weeks. My sea pics were taken on the coastline, he’d found a place below I’d never noticed before. I liked his work more than my own on the day.

Time for some music. This week, ‘Ticking Clock’ from my ‘Dream Rescuer’ album. The album is available for download at BANDCAMP I hope you enjoy;

Lastly, one of many accidental photos from the old man – one of about thirty when he left his finger on the phone without thinking. I don’t mind being a multitude of accidental silhouettes sometimes.

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.


  1. Beautiful pics, beautiful beautiful words , lyrics with so much heart and meaning. Your best, George.. I always think that as I read your work and then you surprise us again with another fabulous song and verse.

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  2. Well you and the old man are awfie talented. I knew he took a blogging break jsut for awee hol but I have wondered where he got to. Please tell him i hope he feels better. Great words by the way and very apt right now too.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. JGC, you eloquently echo the sentiment of many tired of the day and night beat downs, “You’re never going to tame us now”, a brilliant and poignant line. Wonderful imagery pays tribute to your words as they express a real dissatisfaction with the larping. Are we viewed as a multitude of accidental silhouettes? I believe the silent will have their say as the ticking clock gets louder. Great song choice! Super photos capturing the “shimmer of the sun”, much needed! Please wish your dad well and have a good rest of your Tuesday. ~ PM

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    1. Thanks for the words, PM. I’m thinking about all this a lot now. I’m seeing a secret police all over the place waiting for the boss to arrive and organize them like when in the Soviet Union decent people couldn’t be sure if their neighbours were checking on them. Probably it just a fiction in my mind – but something is happening and it’s not just all about lockdown’s mental scars. I’ll pass on you well wishes. If I can’t get a decent song out of this one I think I’ll feel like giving up. Enjoy your day ~ JGC

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      1. JGC, trust yourself, it’s a nonfiction reel running in your mind. What happens to caged animals when they are continuously poked with sticks and left hungry, AND hungry for survival? What direction are you going with the music to accompany the lyric? I’m confident this song will be the fall of the first domino in the creation of a new album. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. ~ PM

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      2. I’m not yet sure which way this number will go. Logically, it’s a guitar piece, building into something bigger, yet that’s a bit stereotypical. Orchestration doesn’t feel right. Piano hasn’t been touched for a while, but piano’s don’t like getting angry. Melody is easy, instruments difficult. I need a positive mood more than a regular day to day mood. It’s not quite a protest song, but as you say, it’s nonfiction. I’m still in thinking mode. Thanks for the advice ~ JGC

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    1. Thanks, Anne. I’ll pass your message on. He’s better with a camera than a phone – hence 30 odd pics of me he didn’t realize he’d taken – but as a former PI he’s always been taking pics. Thanks again ~ George


    1. I hadn’t heard of him, Kate. I just checked his website. Interesting. I’ll read it all a couple more times. Someone said to me recently that if I was born 20 years earlier when vinyl and CD’s were out that, I, like loads of others would be making serious money, yet now, when everyone streams music and royalties are so mean for most musicians, the table has turned. Maybe Derek has a few ideas in his writing and works. Thanks for that ~ George

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  4. My best to your dad!
    Will you please tell him hello from Resa, if the time happens. He’s got a great wit, and his historical memories are importantly prevalent in his writing.
    Love the pics, your song is fab and thank you for all of your talent that you share with us.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, Resa. I’ll tell the old man what you said. I think he’s going to make a comeback soon. He said ‘winter is for writing’ the other day. He’s stressed out and it’s made him unwell for months now. My parents have missed their summers in France this year. Mum takes it in her stride and has a laugh, he’s not good at that. Thanks again for your kind words ~ George

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