The only sounds I’m hearing are birdsong, bombs and guns
I ask myself the question, ‘Are we the only ones
With eyes that see and hearts that break and hands that paint the scene?
While out there in the muddy Somme, they all died aged nineteen’

Scroll forward another century, no history books required
Big liars with big egos, how come their followers admired?
Lipstick girl, at rest in shadows, a heart that beats no more
Since Big Ego traded suits for uniforms kicking off an uncivil war

I ought to explain who ‘lipstick girl’ is. She’s a real person and she’s out there somewhere. On my blog post last week a few of us spoke about the lipstick girl and how she got badly treated by a shopworker aggressively talking down to her for no good reason, saying her lipstick wasn’t an essential item, so she couldn’t buy it. Her story got in the national news. Anyhow, it got me thinking that lipstick girl would be my metaphor for all good people and represent a reflection of the bad places humanity has been, and still is. Shopworker person, just a figure of speech for all that is rotten.

Time for a song, an old one at that. I wrote back in 2014 and called it ‘Shout at Newsreels’. I’ve never done much with this number so far but it fits this post, plus I have been shouting at news channels lately. I hope you enjoy;

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.


  1. Lovely song, George. Sad about people who get walked all over. Your posts are like a beacon in the dark.
    Nothing will change. That’s why history happens and written about but we never seem to learn from past mistakes. That’s the greed of the powerful.

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  2. I’ve been shouting for almost 4 years, the last one alone. Hoping I won’t be as loudly the next 4 and not alone anyway. Sadly the war for justice seems perpetual.
    Be well.

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    1. Thanks. I see I’ve followed your blog for a while now yet you posts don’t turn up on my reader. As such I’ve ‘followed’ again and hope this time it works. What I can say is that I’ll be shouting with you along with most of the rest of the world. Thanks for reading ~ George

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      1. You’re welcome. I lost some I followed with the previous WP update, don’t understand why. Thank you for the follow. My pleasure to see your photos, read your poetry and enjoy the music. TC ~ Elle

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  3. Shopkeepers represent the worst in us, the lipstick girl the best. Great metaphor. My neighbor, who was shopping for someone who was housebound was told that she couldn’t buy two paper towels and she SHOULDN’T BE SHOPPING FOR SOMEONE ELSE ANYWAY! Seriously. What is wrong with people?

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  4. Hi JGC, fantastic lines:
    ‘Are we the only ones
    With eyes that see and hearts that break and hands that paint the scene?
    While out there in the muddy Somme, they all died aged nineteen’

    Your telling of the Lipstick Girl reminds me of the Cornflake Girl on a much larger scale, the betrayal of all people. For me Lipstick Girl represents the underdog, under-represented, the silenced, the wait-watch-and-see people. I believe history teaches us there’s a tipping point. How long before the suppressed start to standup and rise up? When is enough, enough? When the suits become uniforms? You’ve introduced some interesting ideas and questions. Thank you! ~ PM

    Btw, lovely photos. Is it normal for all the boat slips to be empty, or is this a sign of the times? ‘Shout At Newsreels’ perfect!

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    1. Thanks, PM. Is Cornflake Girl that Tori Amos’s song? I like that one – well all of her stuff. I’ll take another listen straight after this. I think some people think they’re still at school. There’s always at least one at school wanting to belittle and bully others. We can’t all be equal minded because we’re all different, but somewhere along the way we all should be aware that bad words thrown at another is a bit like a knife in the heart. ‘How long before the suppressed start to standup and rise up?’ – I’m not sure. How do the compassionate ones rise up and end all this hatred? That has to be the biggest question of all. As you know better than me, all art genres play their part through their work, but I think there’re lost to loudmouth idiots who are in the ascendancy. I just feel something horrible is going on and it’ll get worse soon. That might just be me reading it all wrong.
      The boat slips – paid for by the EU – are new and were ready to go. Then came corona and those who would have moored their yachts there thought better of it. The big Disney liner in the picture has been moored up for months now. No customers because of the virus. Also, loads of jobs in the harbour have been lost. Sad days.
      Enjoy your day ~ JGC

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      1. You’re welcome, JGC. Yes, Tori Amos. I’m not exactly sure what the catalyst is for the compassionate ones to rise up, maybe exhaustion. I don’t think you’re reading it wrong; sadly, I assure you something horrible is going on. The loss of life as we know/knew it is tragic, and there is full accountability, criminal accountability to be had. This is a different sort of war, one in which we haven’t quite figured out the rules of engagement yet, we will, and I know we will win. Time is on our side. ~ PM

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      2. I think – at last – I’m on a proper roll with this, PM. It’s funny how complicated things aren’t that complicated when you’ve stopped thinking about them. I’m hoping for a basic lyric to play around with for a song. ‘This is a different sort of war, one in which we haven’t quite figured out the rules of engagement yet, we will, and I know we will win.’ the key words of yours that inspired the idea. Thanks ~ JGC

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      3. Thanks, PM. Positivity is what this number needed. From what you wrote before, it just has to be a positive take. Too many good people are humble. I got the basic verse. It bounces to simple song but will need adaption come the melody. Like all lyric verses, it doesn’t read like a poem. I’m hoping this one might just trigger all the others I’ve got on the backburner so that the new album eventually comes to life. Fingers crossed ~ JGC

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      4. JGC, so thrilled to read that a few words turned the key, releasing an wonderful new direction. I just know it will be a domino effect for you as you move forward with a new album. Maybe that’s what the entire world needs, a domino effect of positivity! Let it be a mudslide! ~ PM

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      5. Thanks, PM. It’s a simple piece, relying a lot on my old shadow favourite, The Allegory of The Cave, hence the title ‘Dancing With the Shadows’. In this context, we are the shadows, they are the world outside. I’ll test its basic words on the blog early next week and get any reactions. Have a good weekend ~ JGC

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  5. Unfortunately, I find myself shouting at the TV, frequently. I’m trying to avoid it, now…for my own health.

    As for tyrants in the form of shop keepers…Power corrupts and absolute power, corrupts, absolutely. The human ego can become a frightening beast.

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    1. Thanks. I’m thinking there ought to be a ‘Shouting at the TV’ club. Globally I reckon there would be millions of like-minded to make it a runner. Thanks again ~ George


  6. I enjoyed your post. I sensed the political overtones in the writing… and as I read about Lipstick Girl I thought about Trump and his foolishness and Melania (lipstick girl) in the corner ignored and shunned by all!
    Enjoyed your music!

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  7. Stuff like this really grinds me–we cannot define each other’s needs, not really. I look forward to exploring your blog a bit more, and please know my family wishes yours a most blessed Happy Christmas! xxxxx


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