I produced the promo video for Mike Steeden’s new book The Snow White Tigress. The vid is in this Reblog. He wanted a song as a backing rather than an instrumental. I think it works.


The Snow White Tigress front cover

During the occupation of Paris the actress Arletty
had a relationship with Hans Jürgen Soehring, a Luftwaffe officer,
and gave the famous riposte to a member of the French Forces of the Interior
interrogating her after the Liberation: ‘My heart is French, but my ass is international’

It seems that the French authorities had Ms Arletty marked down as a Nazi collaborator. How shameful of them. I’m rather impressed with Arletty.  Her mind, her body, her choice, and not a living soul harmed, yet she was found guilty of ‘moral treason’…can there be such a thing? The French being wonderfully French, for her crimes she received a sentence of eighteen months imprisonment, most of which was served in a private chateau…at least a sniff of ‘La Belle France’ panache. Perhaps the powers that be should have been seeking collaborators who had given rise to deaths and bloodshed instead of wasting…

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