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My post today is about Geetha Prod’hom, the only female from Geneva, Switzerland, playing chess in the grandmasters’ category. On top of that, Geetha is a lady of many skills. In her own words, and taken from her ABOUT page on WP, “Born of an Indian father and a Tunisian mother, I have grown up into a multicultural background. I love art in all its forms and like painting and drawing. Sometimes I also choose to express myself in words through poems in some of the languages I learnt throughout my life. I write poems mainly in English, French and Arabic.”  I nearly forgot to add, she is also a healer.

I have had the privilege of being commissioned by Geetha to turn a traditional non-rhyming, most excellent poem, into song, per my product POETRY TO SONG . Here is the outcome. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when adapting to song her wonderful poem – as is always the case when one genre blends with another – in order that the words get to sit comfortably with melody. The final result, a song that belongs to Geetha.

There was something else that caught my eye in Geeta’s ABOUT page. This is what she says, “I write because I mainly see beauty in the world and it touches me so much that I wish to express the feelings it generates but I also write from experiences I have gone through and ugly happenings I have witnessed for others and that too generates its own set of emotions which I then try to release through the same medium. I hope this blog brings a blend of all of this to those who wish to read it so that they may see the beauty and revel in it as well as see the ugliness and give some thought to what creates it.”

If you don’t follow Greetha’s blog already, you can find her at GEETHA’S BLOG I strongly recommend you pay her a visit.


One thing for sure. I won’t be challenging Geetha to a game of chess unless she wears a blindfold.

If any you poets out there are interested in having your poems turned into songs then click here to check it out: POETRY TO SONG


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George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

27 thoughts on “DO YOU SEE”

      1. Welcome and thanks. I like yours too although I don’t have much time to read and write aside from all the other things I do beside working 🙂


  1. One thing for sure. I won’t be challenging Geetha to a game of chess unless she wears a blindfold.

    Unless you’re a very good player, you’ll probably want her to tie both hands behind her back, too 😉

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