rush hour

‘Rush Hour – Tuesday Morning 9AM’

The line, ‘Rainbow’s End stay a secret, for forever and a day’ was the line that my song Rainbow’s End was built around. Folklore has it that at the end of the rainbow there’s a pot of gold and an enchanted magical land where all your dreams come true. No one’s ever found the end of a rainbow. If dreams came true there now would be a good time to discover it – or would it just become victim to human greed?

Even though I’ve posted this song, ‘Rainbow’s End’ on the blog before, there’s no harm in running with it again. A download of the album by the same name is available on BANDCAMP

Every day a locked down deadpan Sunday
Every day a mountain never climbed
Every day a postcard never posted
Every day heartbeats that never rhymed

Maybe June, July or maybe never
My guitar the only living thing that doesn’t care
A window’s view, an empty still frame
No face to face, just an online love affair

Empty streets and empty armchairs
Empty funerals for those already dead
Empty songs sung with no one listening
Empty graves, empty love and empty heads

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.


    1. Thanks, Shey. I drove up to Asda today. So weird. People queuing 6 foot apart outside waiting for their go at getting inside. It reminded me of a zombie infection ~ George

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      1. I go to Aldi’s. Queue is pure class. Last week one of the regulars ..a poor soul and her daughter who is the same copping plenty banter as the daughter told us how the dad has diabetes, she is epileptic and her mum here has a heart condition. ‘What’s rno wrong wi us?’ said the mum. The week before it was me and this lady who had said, ‘ oh her man got turned back at the door and we would not be allowed in together,’ and i said, ‘ thank Christ fir that. Eh;m no wantin’ him nippin’ mah heid aboot all eh’m spendin’ tae add tae ah this shite.’ Yesterday it was the guy in front of me at the tills calling BoJo things I am too much of a lady to repeat… Aldi’s queue and staff are the best. It’s like stand up comedy in there. A bright spot in the week xxxx

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      2. Sorry I missed this, Shey. I sounds like Scottish staff are a happier lot and down here they’re mainly miserable. Good to hear Bojo isn’t that popular where you are ~ George

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    2. Bojo is loathed with a passion up here. Workies even have Bawbags Boris on their vans. He plain hated. We never voted up here in any kind of numbers for him or his shit gov and shittier policies. Brexit either. The Aldis staff are also brill, they speak to everyone anyway you know.


    1. I did. It was taken through the window. The road is a main drag into town and at 9AM is usually full of cars. We’re getting maybe half a dozen cars per hour going through now. I guess the air quality has improved ~ George

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