francesca woodman

I don’t know its name, or if its even got a name. However this work of art from Francesca Woodman’s portfolio captures that feeling of being ‘locked in’

When I get bored – that happens quite a lot because of being locked-in with too much on my mind and nothing much I feel like doing – I end up playing the game of ‘WHAT IF?’ Pointless, I know and certainly there’s no song to be made from this one even though it sings OK. Even so, I put my ‘WHAT IF’S’ to basic lyric.

WHAT IF no one ever finds a cure for the corona virus?
Does that mean we’ll stay locked in and grow long hair?
We might as well count the days to global melt down
And for End Times, maybe a good idea to prepare
Newsreels, they talk about this disaster
Even so, I believe the medics, the sick and dying deserve more care

SO, WHAT IF those born rich helped out and cashed a few ripe assets
That wouldn’t take a lot of effort to arrange
To them it would be like me handing over ten quid
To the girl behind the counter, “There you go, you can keep the change”
Am I asking far too much from those with plenty?
Most likely I guess they’d all want something in exchange

WHAT IF the monarch sold the Crown Jewels
Perhaps, the holiday home in Scotland’s Holyrood as well
So then she could throw some hard currency in the direction of the nurses
The doctors, the carers, and all the other ‘at risk’ personnel?
Or would she say, “No way, it’s British heritage
And that, my young subject, is all I’m going to tell”

WHAT IF The Pope went and mortgaged The Vatican
With all the millions of pounds and dollars that would raise?
He could hand out the cash and help the living dying
Or would he say “Corona’s just a nasty phase
It’s best to leave these things to God in Heaven
And as you might know God works in the strangest ways”

Some fierce music from my ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’ album. It’s titled what I am, a ‘One Man Band’. I hope you enjoy.

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

25 thoughts on “WHAT IF?”

  1. I hear you! And although I cannot be sure, I think the Pope, who has a history of leaning toward a simple life, would gladly mortgage the Vatican. But the conservative Cardinals would never let him do it. I believe this Pope would do a lot of things like including women in the priesthood and recognizing same sex marriage if he could but he is not allowed to do that. I’m not sure about the Queen. I think she would not sell Balmoral but the Crown Jewels?Maybe .However they bring in lot of tourists who pay to see them in the Tower. Maybe that money could be diverted to the NHS and front line workers. Good grief this a long comment. I’ll shut up now!

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    1. Thanks, Anne. I don’t know a lot about religion but it does seem to me the Catholic church still blames Eve for tempting Adam instead of Adam getting the blame for being tempted. From what I’ve been told that’s how women ended up second class. The Queen’s a bit different. Whether she still lived in the well-known mansions she has all over the place I still think the tourists would turn up just to see the history of it all. A bit like the Palace of Versailles in France. My ‘What If’s’ never happen so they’re all save ~ George

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      1. I was brought up Catholic and by the time I was 17 I had to leave that church. Their stance on women was unacceptable to me. When I lived in Toronto through a friend inbound a church where the priest accepted those who were gay openly and on one occasion when he had to go to see the Pope who was visiting he had his right hand woman say Mass. He warned her some would not accept her or take communion from her. That was true but many stayednand cheered her on. The priest took a big rush in doing that. That was over 20 years ago and when we left Toronto I stopped going to church again. So that is where I am today.

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      2. I don’t do religion, no one in the family does, but I do respect believers in whatever religion they chose on the basis that it’s none of my business. I reckon life for gays and lesbians is better outside of religion. Just like religion, what people are is none of my business as well. I can’t understand how so many people, believers or not, go out of their way dissing anyone who isn’t heterosexual. Surely there’s more important stuff to get angry about in life starvation, wars, racism, Trump, disease. It’s all odd to me ~ George


  2. Greed won’t allow any of those you wrote about, help anyone. The pope in all his satin, protected and well fed, sitting on jewels and gold and books and art and the most amazing pieces of this and that constantly asks the poor to GIVE to others, while he, in his bullet proof car resides safely surrounded by lackeys who do his bidding. The same goes for the queen. They expect us to take care of them, not the other way around. Your words are perfect but no help will be forthcoming, not for those who believe they deserve more than others. It’s pathetic that they even exist and people actually pay homage to them in any way at all. After, they are simply people, like everyone else. People who believe they are special. They aren’t.

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    1. Thanks for the read. Most of my ‘what if’s’ never could happen. With this one all I can say, and from what you say we both agree, it doesn’t seem right that surplus high value assets are more important to their owners, than ‘a life’. Odd, for certain ~ George


      1. Not as odd as you think. It’s always been that way. Our constitution was written to protect land owners and the elite, from the rest of us. Greed has always been the life style of most of those who felt they were better than others and deserved more.

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      2. I guess you’re right. There must be degrees of greed. We all want that bit more, but some want it all. I guess that’s what separates good and bad humans ~ George

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    1. Thanks for reading/listening. Appreciated. These are strange but interesting times. Without my phone I’d probably not know what day it is. I like that ~ George


    1. Thanks for that. It gets thousand of plays over many platforms but, royalties being what they are, it doesn’t earn me a lot of money. Anyway, the important thing to me is that you liked it. Thanks again ~ George

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  3. A lot of what if’s still abound, but we’ve got each other. We have to stay connected in any way we can so the what if’s can hover, loom, or fly. Keep your family well, Friend! xxxxx


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