‘Things to do when in lockdown’

It’s become a challenge now. I’m 10 days in to my lockdown and so far I’ve not stepped outside the house at all. Not even once. Not even to clean the seagull shit off my car. I’ve seen it from the window. It’s not a denim blue car anymore. I don’t fancy cleaning it just yet.

It’s still vitamin D tab day every day. At least the tabs – unlike the sun  – are ready and waiting for me at breakfast time.

I’ve been wondering what the world record for self-isolation lockdown is? Google doesn’t know. It’ll be sad if I break the record without knowing I’d done it. Nothing comes easy.

So, no outside photos to take. Instead some pictures of pictures hanging on the walls. The same walls that have me in lockdown.


‘Lockdown boredom’


‘The lockdown girl from The Pigeons Are Switzerland album cover’


‘No humans; clean water’


‘Doesn’t everyone have a pic of their mum?  Maybe, maybe not. I was 10 when this one was taken on the day she and dad finally got married. That was the day my dad – joking I hope – said, “George, at last you are only a bastard in one sense of the word”

To my slow build, semi-surreal, composition, ‘Dead Rain’, today’s music for the blog post.

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.


  1. 2 weeks? I’m finishing my 5th (due to breathing problems) although there are benefits of living on a mountain, you are free to walk everywhere, no near neighbors. I too like the painting. Bawwhhaa at your Dad and your mom looks lovely. Take car, be safe.


      1. Thanks. There’s certainly no way I’m going to clean it myself. I’ll have to pay someone when this is all over ~ George


    1. We can go out in the UK to buy food, medicines, exercise (short period only, no more than two people, same family) but I don’t bother. It’s not a law yet but the police check on people leaving the town they live in to see if they have a good reason – if not they get you to turn around and go back home. My food is sorted anyhow and I’ve a small gym at the back of the house I use every day. The government says ‘stay indoors everyone’ and that’s what I do. It’s killed creativity – I thought it might be the opposite ~ George


      1. I have to get out. My small town…folks are out in the sunshine, walking dogs, running… We consciously keep our distance but, keep right on walking. Kids playing in their yards…it’s just too pretty not to.

        I have a friend in Delaware that has the national guard out. Some of our counties have curfews. I’m two miles from a major Interstate and, so far, haven’t seen any law enforcement intervention…except for the occasional speeding ticket.

        We Americans are armed to the teeth. I’m hoping no one, on either side, gets irritated with the other. People are buying guns and ammo like crazy. Hopefully, it’s just over-hyped hysteria. Some other states have come close to martial law (NY, CA…). So far, our governor has kept his wits about him.

        I’m so sorry, sweetie.

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      2. We’ve shut all the parklands down now as people were abusing the concept of staying indoors. I’m missing the White Cliffs that go on for miles. It’s a good place to think. Usually when the liners come into harbour there’s loads of American tourists there checking out the history – plus the castle on the cliffs. No more. The gun thing doesn’t sound too good? Why? ~ George


      3. Fear of looting, rioting, governmental takeover, forced vaccinations… There are many factors. Guns and ammo sales always spike during crises. Crises tend to bring out the predators, whether it be your next door neighbor or an MS-13 type gang or a corrupt cop or corrupt military. Take your pick. When idiots in DC start mouthing off about gun restrictions, gun bans, messing with our 2nd amendment or messing with our 1st amendment, people get testy. Hear/read about the peaceful protest that took place in Richmond, Virginia, back in January? Their stupid governor started all kinds of needless restrictions on the citizens and they showed up, in force.

        The last thing our government wants is a fight between itself and its people. That won’t end well. The next issue is rioting. That may come to pass. Not totally sure… Looting has already started in California and New York. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, there was massive looting. People were stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down and wading thru waist-high water to get to it.

        UK used to have guns…until they took them all away from y’all. A disarmed public is easier to control…and easier to prey upon.


  2. Hey George,
    here in Hamburg the same story…only two people together outside, distance minimum two meters (but where to go when you only have 1,50 meter distance to the street ?) Sunshine outside, spring is comeing and a i have to stay at home , alone with my computer and photoshop…doing nonsens work with them because today no one needs new photowork… Stay healthy, all the best, Jürgen

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  3. We finished our 14 day isolation last Sunday. But we could go outside for walks which saved our sanity and our marriage. On that topic we were living together and had two kids for 29 years before we decided it was safe to get married.🤣

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      1. No we did NOT. I doubt anyone knew we were not married. Our kids knew once they were grown up and our daughter was my bridesmaid. We had a small wedding in our house and then had friends for dinner. It was a good day. Also it served as a dress rehearsal for our daughters wedding a few years later.

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      2. Thanks, Anne. I should point out the old man is always cracking jokes. It sounds like you did the right thing. My parents had their reception in Paington Zoo everyone carrying bottles of champagne around the place – they got permission from the owners. I remember I enjoyed that better than sitting down stuffing food I didn’t like in some hotel. Thanks again ~ George

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