‘I’m good with corona’, says Mr Wolf’

Day nine, banged up. Happy most times. Daylight through a window. Vitamin D days. Running out of mushrooms. I live on mushrooms. I heard that the seagulls have gone fishing out at sea. They don’t hang around McDonald’s any more. No Grand Big Mac eaters to swoop down and nick burgers from.

I had a dream my door was open
Outside, sparrows singing, humans dead
Then a nightmare full of blue skies
Nothing dark inside my head

Guitar and me and melody
Inside my safe house prison cell
Through the window, two cats, a starling
Then bees and trees and empty hell

When this thing is over
And I’m walking out that door
I’m wondering if the new world
Will be better than before

What about some music? Here’s something dark and experimental of mine from ages ago. It’s called ‘Erasing the 38th’. It got curated but has yet to appear on an album. Maybe it never will now. I hope you like it. If it helps, here’s the the first couple of verses, the music follows.

Stars instead of streetlights
Two moons instead of one
Touch the edge of heaven
Give breath to a dying Sun

After the blaze of glory
Comes the flickering light
What’s left has no shadow
No vultures in flight…

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

52 thoughts on “OBSERVATIONS”

    1. I’ll tell you what, Yasmin. I’m thinking the planet is doing well out of this virus. The pics from outer space are showing cities all over the globe aren’t cover in poisonous smog anymore. In Venice the water is clear and fish have returned. It’s the same everywhere there’s a lock down. Looking out of window down onto the street I see there’s no rubbish blowing around in the wind. The only way the planet gets ruined again is when the humans come back ~ George

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      1. You are absolutely right, George. The air is cleaner and there is no more noise pollution. It’s actually giving earth a chance to breathe again ..
        Humans make the planet sick ..
        You comment here sounds like a song , George ..

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      1. They let go all over my car. I’ve not driven it for days now, but from the window it isn’t denim blue anymore. Thanks seagulls ~ George


      2. I never forget some years ago now in the aftermath of the then Dundee Blues Bonanza fest torpedoing one wi mah bag at 3 30 in the morning after it set about my pal in the taxi queue. She was terrified ..and not of me… Her hubby had bought some chips and brought them to the rank. . Well….all I could say was that they lived in the country or he would NOT have done that. Anyway, the long and short of that was I had to smack it. cot is was for having more than the chips.. But I reckon some of them just get gulls a bad name you know.

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      3. A few years back we were in Edinburgh, sitting have a drink on the Mile and this gull literally attacked the table in the next door pub’s outdoor bit that was slap bang next to where we were sitting with a rope between Thing is I watched it. It wasn’t after the food…there was none… it was after breaking the glassware. It never let up till it had smashed a beer glass.

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      4. That’s what the gulls do when they flick rocks away on the beach to get to the crabs. I guess they were cleaning out the glasses in the same way hoping there might be some food at the end of it. They all look a bit lost now. I can see them hanging around on the roof opposite wondering what to do with no one to nick from ~ George


  1. I saw wagtails in the garden eating bird food. Despite the abundance of food in my garden, I’ve never seen them there before. Just on the street eating what the school kids dropped from their takeaway lunches.

    Lovely sight.

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    1. It’s good to see birds doing what nature evolved them to do. I imagine fresh fish is alien to the gulls these days. Now they get to do what they were made for. Thanks for the read ~ George

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    1. The old man goes round singing a song/ad song or something like that about ‘The corona man is in your street etc.’. It sort of fits the occasion. The song sung on a loop sends me mad so I’ve been avoiding him ~ George

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      1. Not a fan, but then I see no credible alternative either – can you name a politician who can be trusted? I think it all began to go wrong with Thatcher…but then I was too young to vote, so maybe it’s always been rotten.

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      2. Good point Chris. But Johnson is a serial liar. To me that puts him in the Trump category. I know with Johnson he might promise me a penny but I’ll never see it. Even his promises to help business is already falling apart I saw on the news today. The budget might have sounded OK but mostly it is lies – plus Johnson is the Brexiteer who made Brexit go live. and that’s already cost me a dream sound design job in France I’ll never forgive him for ~ George

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      3. Agreed. I still can’t believe how the ‘Leavers’ managed to get so many people to believe the lies and mis-truths. We’ve been well and truly shafted. Sorry about the job.

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    1. Yes, I heard about the dolphins in Venice. Neat. I think most rivers in industrial countries are cleaning themselves up. Let’s hope it stays that way ~ George


    1. Only to buy food. Even then people have to stay 2 metres apart and if two people walk together they have to be family. More than two people is against the law.


      1. *eyes rolling* I ventured out, today, for some supplies. Whole Foods was ridiculous. People having to stand in a line, outside, six feet apart with yellow tape marking spots to stand… Yellow tape marks at the register… *sigh* Our local Food Lion wasn’t like that. And, people are still obsessed with toilet paper.

        This hysteria is about to get on my last nerve. Where was the social distancing and lockdowns in 2009/2010 when the Swine Flu infected 59 million?

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      2. Thanks. Maybe we’re getting it right this time around? At least in lockdown the planet gets a bit of breathing space at last with no humans ruining everything ~ George


      3. Oh, it would be very nice if humans would stop trashing our lovely round house. No doubt. I get ill as a water moccasin when I see fast food bags & household trash strewn along our roads. I live in a pretty small-town, and a pretty county, and that just angers me to no end.

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  2. We are able to go outside because we live in the country and are not likely to encounter any people. We have a friend who brings us groceries. Next Monday we will be able to go and get our own as the self isolation of 14 days will be over. But we plan on still keeping up much of what we are doing now to sanitize,stay home and stay healthy. I like your image of walking out into the new world. I think we will find a different world when this is all over. Not sure what it will be like however.

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    1. I think when it’s all over more people might just get their heads around climate change, the planet and what we’ve done to it, more than before. That dolphin who arrived in the now clean waters of Venice where no fish, nothing alive had been seen for years might make people think. Out of the window today I saw a road cleaner stuck for rubbish to sweep up. I’m hoping in six months – that’s what they reckon will be our lockdown – things will be better ~ George

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      1. Thanks, Pam. I think the only ones on sale now are the regular closed-cup mushrooms. I like the large flat ones. I use them instead of buns with a veggie burger in the middle. I get to France regularly – but not now because of the lockdown – and they have all types in there markets. The oyster mushrooms are my favourites. I’m missing France ~ George

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  3. Hopefully a better world – a ‘new’ normal. I feel this pandemic is a reminder that we are all connected – humans, animals and the earth. How we treat all living things has consequences. Some good, some bad, sometimes pandemic!

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  4. Some days I feel like we’re still in that nightmare of blue skies. Have things improved at all for you over the course of summer? I think of your family often, and wish I could keep in touch better. Keep writing, keep creating, keep the music alive xxxxxxxxx

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    1. Sorry to take so long long getting back to you. It’s all a massive mess over here. The creativity remains, the will to work with it less so. At least I’m getting closer to a new album now. The family are good, the old man a lot better than he was earlier this year. Thanks for the contact and I hope everything is OK with you ~ George

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