‘Waiting, watching’

For my ambient, dark piece, ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’ as of now read, ‘The Forgotten Cheated Souls’. The more I hear about the greedy idiots who are stockpiling food while, for example, NHS staff don’t get a look in when it comes to visiting a supermarket after a long shift is over the more I angry I get. My music and words below.

Where have all the humans gone
Now the empty shelves, they have no worth?
Are they hiding in the shadows
Or still suffocating mother earth?

They’ll pay the price for selfishness
It’ll cost more than they think
Storing, hoarding, stockpiling
While the hungry poor die in a blink

Sharing nothing, taking everything
They get fat while others starve
No chance of them handing back
The last pig on earth they’ll cook and carve

It’s said time and tide waits for no one
I don’t believe those words are true
Time and tide always form a straight line
While uncharitable humans jump the queue

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

32 thoughts on “JUMP THE QUEUE”

  1. In every country, in every emergency, we see emerge the worst of people and the best of people.

    The worst is the greed you talk about, the panic buying, the hike in prices of essentials, the best is the kind people who are putting together packages for the poor, old or sick in their communities.

    It is disheartening and heartening en même temps.

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    1. I agree. Johnson, much as hate him and what he stands for, has thrown a few sensible views about how to get along in a virus crisis, only the worst of people don’t give a toss. They probably will when they pass on the virus to their old mum and have to watch her die. I’m not a fan of humans ~ George

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      1. LOL… I was walking along the foreshore watching birds various and sundry and thinking the exact same thing… you don’t have to self isolate, bird. You are one lucky soul.

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    1. Thanks, Lady Yasmin. For once I’m not blaming the government for being totally useless. I’m blaming the idiots who aren’t taking any notice of the government. I never thought I’d ever say that ~ George

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  2. Between that and the cretins who descended on beaches yesterday… it is beyond belief. What is more there will another rush of panic once buggerlugs locksdown places or indeed the whole of this country. the press are already speculating and that is also what is wrong but can we put a gag on them ? No, cos we need to keep spreading the panic cos we never invested in the NHS so now look at this mess we crated and are trying to damage limit. What is more he cannot utter more than a bumbling statement. It needs to be made very clear this is what is now happening and YES you wills till get to the supermarket.

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    1. The whole thing is a mess. The 12 weeks indoors would only work if every one stuck to it. In that time those who have the virus will have come out the other side OK, or, if not OK sadly dead, but at least the virus wouldn’t exist unless someone came from abroad and started it off again. I’m thinking we should not do the Johnson thing and ‘do our best’ because of idiots who won’t give a damn. I think I’m day 5 or 6 without going out of the house. If I catch it I hopefully would recover, but what of those much older going to do if I did go out and passed it to them. I got a line in my head saying ‘this is a war without bombs’ I want to work on. Thank, Shey ~ George


      1. I agree. That’s why I find it odd that Johnson hasn’t been tougher within the idiots out there. If he gets it wrong he’ll be hated more than he is now ~ George


      2. He has got it wrong. Look this doom and gloom at every turn, the touting of screaming dreadful cases while we all sit here wondering if we will get milk in the shops tomorrow, many people isolated as it is, with no thought to the consequences of what it is doing to the mental health of many, is to paint the worst case scenario so people WILL listen and stop being idiots. But Johnson is a bumbling fool. It’s toe-bunching to watch him getting up there every day trying to manage a crisis exacerbated by lack of NHS everything isn’t winning him any popularity prizes. .As for telling people they are just being selfish…well whoop de do..

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      3. He has got it totally wrong so far. The maths of the Italian example tell me that freedom from right now has to be a prison sentence. I can live with that but because he hasn’t got the bottle – so far – he’s killing old and sick people.


      4. I think that there’s all kinds of reasons for the death toll in Italy, cultural ones and the fact it does have the second oldest population …certainly in Europe but it is right down there with hospital beds per head of pop with the Uk and Spain interestingly in the league tables. I don’t think given how badly this has been thought through they can lock down for along period. Firstly there’s problems with food delivery. Seocndly they may say phone NHS 21 if you need to speak to someone. Well what they never said was you can wait for up to 3 hours. Thirdly they have now shut down the self employed joiners, plumbers, sparkies, roofers and they do not qualify as small businesses. Fourthly I just spoke to a local woman whose mother has dementia. Her carers never turned up . So now this lady who has the care of her grandson is packing their things to go there. In Spain there’s been deaths of old people not from the virus but from this kind of situation. Imagine if that lady had no-one. The government of this country is not fit to govern. I am not taking a cheap poke. I know they are all thinking on their feet..okay now i will take a poke… the pity being bojo does not have a brain. In fact most of them don’t But they need to get their caps on a lot better than they are doing.

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      5. ‘The government of this country is not fit to govern’ – I’ll take that. Given the mess they’ve made we might end up with the army policing the lock-down, delivering food to order and stuff like that. I’m thinking what if someone has a heart attack or gets run over by the only car left on the British roads only to find out there’s no beds in hospitals. The old man’s theory on Spain and Italy is that the Catholic habit of traditionally having houses full of several generations means once one gets the virus, like domino’s they all fall down. It’s 6 days in a row I’ve not left the house now. I’m doing OK and hope you are Shey ~ George


      6. Your old man is also a wise old man. They are very family orientated. So the grandies think nowt of leaping in the train down south and hopping up to Lombardy to stay wi gran for the weekend… Need I say more? And also here’s another thing coming out.. Way back in November in Lombardy there was a funny outbreak of pneumonia … way before the outbreak in China . Funny that in terms of their figure now. And still think this all comes down to not enough beds or anything to deal with this. But given 111 or NhS 24 keeps you waiting 3 hours on the phone I wouldn’t worry if you’re ill cos you will be dead first. If this virus really is so bad that even walking past someone in the street is going to turn you rabid can they just say… Fact is they don’t.


      7. It’s weird I keep washing my hands and this is day 7 of not going out at all. The vitamin D tabs I order turned up today. So I don’t even have to chase the sun now. You’re right though. The NHS in crisis and the fact that mainly older people die are the only two things we should be focusing on. ~ George


  3. The ugly ones are also putting false information on line, which could actually lead to the death of someone. It’s shocking the level of hatefulness and evil that’s out there. Your words are spot on.

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    1. A guy in England got done for selling useless test kits to hundreds of people. They never worked at all but the customers never knew that. How sick is that! ~ George


  4. Our son who lives in London has been waiting for a lockdown for over a week and now, today, he tells us it has come. I share your anger and frustration with the greed and selfishness of some people. We are home in Canada now and I am grateful because I am tired of seeing the leader of the US babbling on about stuff he knows nothing about, getting it wrong, never apologizing and only being concerned about his chances of re election! I have friends , good friends who genuinely care about others and living in the US I am afraid they may pay the price for this myopic selfishness.

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    1. Thanks, Anne. It’s all getting a bit serious here – at last and about time to. I’ve been inside 6 days in a row now but I do work from home anyway. The music business, especially live music, is dead now so not a great time for any of us. As for Trump I just don’t get how a nation like the US can have voted for him. He’s as thick as two short planks. Johnson, over here is a dangerous, despot in the making, too clever in many respects – the rest of him a selfish, dishonest piece of Etonian low life ~ George

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