cyclists dismount

‘Following on from the graffiti blog post of last week here’s another similar – except  it’s artistically rubbish – pic. This one got a few laughs doing the family and friends rounds a while back. If you check out the ‘Cyclists Dismount’ sign you’ll see why. It doesn’t say a lot for Kyran’s mum, whoever she might be.’

Going through my unused skeleton lyrics from 2012 that I’d discovered on yet another long forgotten external hard drive I found this one. Did I really write that? Guess I must have. Talk about teenage angst!

My past is in my pocket
My future in my hands?
I’ve thrown away the worry beads
The old dreams and other plans

Lost myself to the bogeyman
Visiting tomorrow’s new dark place
Couldn’t find the exit door
Got lost without a trace

Save your pointless prayers for others
Don’t waste your time on me
I’ve got no need for divine words
Besides, blind faith’s a mystery
A mystery to me

They say there’s beauty in my mind’s eye
No one ever gets to see
Since moving on means turning back
Since the sound of music set me free

Time for music. First, my number ‘Sunlight & The Dust’ for no other reason than it jumped the thousand streams hurdle on ReverbNation last week. Apparently that’s rare’ish on that platform. It’s a shame I haven’t got the same stat on SPOTIFY – then again I only joined them recently;

Lastly, a guitar jam backing track – Punk Pop Groove – that works as something to listen and maybe write to. I hope you enjoy;

If any poets out there are interested in having your poems turned into songs then click here to check it out: POETRY TO SONG

If you are looking for all my other music then you’ll find it to download on BANDCAMP or you can stream and/or make a playlist of it on SPOTIFY

Copyright © 2018 music & art; Zoolon Audio. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

27 thoughts on “THE MUSICIAN’S CURSE”

  1. I just found your Pride & Time. OMG, that song is awesome. I like the layers and the haunting qualities.

    Is Zoolon Audio the name of your band? Are you a singular, multi-instrumentalist? Do you tour? Are you in the US?

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    1. Thanks for the contact. I’m a composer of music over multi genres. I work alone from start to finish – that sounds boastful but I don’t mean it that way. I was in bands once but the politics wasn’t for me. I’m English wishing I was French and play most things with strings or a keyboard. Good to meet up with you – Zoolon aka George


      1. I wish I was as talented as you are. The most I’ve ever done was play a flute (and read music) when I was 10 and, sing in a chorus & on stage in a pageant in high school. Heh. Musically, I am now a mere spectator.

        I know a musician in a band and I have heard his complaints of internal struggles and creative direction issues…plus the drugs.

        You don’t sound boastful. You sound busy. Does being French bring better opportunities?

        Nice to meet you, George. I’m Victoria…Vic for short. 😁

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      2. Thanks for the reply, Vic. I think the difference is that the French live for art, the rest of the West live for money. I like a bit of both. As I’m writing this I’ve just read an email saying I’ve made it to the semi-final of the International Songwriting Contest. That made a freezing day feel better! Things are looking up, the final result is in a couple of weeks. Here’s the song, a simple ballad, the curators there must like.
        I hope you enjoy if you get any time to listen. If not, no worries ~ George

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      3. Congratulations! Excellent!

        I hope there is a link, there. I’m on my phone and the WP app won’t show certain links. I will have to be on my laptop or PC but, I will give it a listen.

        Fair point about the West. I don’t know enough about French culture to comment. I’m just another dull, East Coast Yank. ☺😎

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  2. Teenage angst is right! I’ll pray for Present You and family anyway–this lockdown’s got everyone in jitters. Has your creativity come back? Mine’s skulking around, but I occasionally catch it. x


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