‘Station at Perpignan’
by Salvador Dali

I recently discovered this lyric from back in 2013 – my first year at uni. It was from a song I can’t find the demo of. I remember it was a simple acoustic ballad. Anyhow, at least I’ve got the words.

Day turns to twilight on the railway platform
I’ve been here forever or does it just seem that way?
I sit cold and alone as a new star is born
Wondering if I should leave now or should I stay?

It’s the waiting that kills me
Questions bought – questions sold
Knowing the answers
A future foretold

The last time I saw you – you told me a secret
Then took yourself off to where I don’t know
I heard on the grapevine you lost yourself somewhere
But you’re coming home now along with the snow

Trains now and then arrive at the station
Lovers and workers alight and go home
My collar is up to keep out the east winds
I wish that time would just leave me alone

Remember in summer – the lakeside – the orchard
The small narrow pathway to the top of the tor
Remember that secret – the one I believed in
Right now I wonder what was it all for?

The guard tells me the last train has now left for Zion
That there’s no point in me being here anymore
I nod in agreement – feel for my car keys
And take the longest short walk right out of the door

It’s the waiting that kills me
Questions bought – questions sold
Knowing the answers
A future foretold – a future foretold

What about a Heartbroken Groove? It’s another of my backing tracks that make for listening as well. I hope you enjoy;

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

16 thoughts on “THE LONGEST SHORT WALK”

    1. Thanks, Shey. I’ve got quite a few songs like this one, plus a load of lyrics I never got around to use – there was me wondering about where my creativity had gone and I never knew I had some in reserve. I hoping my next post will feature my classical guitar stuff. I’ve never blogged it before. Thanks again ~ George

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  1. The narrative’s strong in this one. 🙂 I feel like this is a moment out of a bigger story, a starting point for a character…or perhaps the last moment we see him before light fades to black…


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