This song, ‘Laughing At The Moon’ belongs to the acclaimed poet & writer, Kathryn Duff. A truly lovely lady. Above is Kate’s song, ‘Laughing At The Moon’. I hope you enjoy.

I had the privilege of working with her providing the melody, vocals and production for this number that is based upon her poem of the same name. I have to say that the best thing about it is that this song was created from Kate’s beautiful poem for a good reason. It was a Christmas present to her husband. How romantic is that?

If you’ve not visited and followed her blog before you can find Kate here A Thousand Bits Of Paper It’s worth the visit. If you like poetry, travel, photography and art, books and philosophy and are curious about life, enhancing your health and having a bit of a laugh now and then this is the place to be.

My thanks to you Kate for the opportunity to work with you.


Should any poet out there be interested in my ‘Your Poetry to Song’ product then click on the link above.

Save for Kate’s song – Copyright © 2019 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

20 thoughts on “‘LAUGHING AT THE MOON’”

  1. It’s a beautiful melody. The guitar sounds are amazing, it’s a beautiful rhapsody, George. The music tempo is simply mind blowing and your voice is soothing to the ears. A wonderfully done poem , awesome tribute. Cheers to you both for a fabulous song to poem , poem to song.

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    1. I’m glad you liked it and explained why. That gives me confidence. Thank you, Yasmin. Kate’s words were something else, she is a good poet. If you don’t know her already you should take a look at her work. You’d like her, I know ~ George

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      1. Oh! Katy is a good friend. We bond on twitter too. I have known her for a long time , George. That is why I was doubly delighted to have two of my friends doing this musical poetic collab .

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    1. Thanks, Jim. I glad you listen. This was very much a demo version done for a songwriting module at uni. I keep trying to remember to rerecord it and put it on a new album. I’ve been told by a good few people in the know I should. Thanks again ~ George


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