All Winter Long Cover

‘China Album Cover’

On the one hand it’s been a good week as I’ve just got my music into China. Hopefully the bespoke for ‘China only’ album ‘All Winter Long’ will be heard there via all the major streaming platforms. That’s the plan anyway. On the other hand, I’ve got the flu and and can’t sing a note right now as my voice sounds like I’ve got a clothes peg attached to my nose plus I could do with a body temp of 37 C/98.6 F again. Anyhow, time for new music words;

I don’t know the freeway from the forest
Don’t know sunshine from moonlight
I’ve a head full of sand and sawdust
I see no colours, just black and white

Life, you have two faces
You’re a door without a key
Demons & angels trading places
Where nothing comes for free

An open prison I can’t escape from
You’re a thief but you don’t care
You’re an addiction without a needle
So you fix, sometimes you share

I’ll lose my dreams if can’t disguise them
Soon I won’t know tomorrow from today
You’re the god, you are the devil
You’re winter’s midnight midday in May

Talking about the album for China, here’s ‘All Winter Long’ originally from my ‘Rainbows End’ album;

Fancy a ‘Mysterious Grove’? It’s one of my backing tracks but you might find it OK to relax to – hopefully.

And here, one of the other places where ‘Mysterious Groove’ lives and can be downloaded;

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

34 thoughts on “TWO FACES”

  1. Brilliant piece of writing , George. I just want to go back and keep reading it again and again. These words grow on you and you find more depth and meaning as you continue to read.
    The mysterious groove is very very groovy. It great on the ears. Thank you .
    I think the Chinese are going to like it very much.
    You still have a high temperature, George. I hope you get better soon but I suppose it will run it’s course , like all things.
    Did you write this in sickness , if you did, then wow !

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    1. Thanks Yasmin. All I want is my voice back. I’d settle for just a talking voice that didn’t sound like an aliens. I’m definitely feeling better, coughs and a voice like a bit part in a cartoon. Glad you liked the music. The backing tracks pretty much stand alone. I should have called the words, ‘Life’. I wrote it yesterday when I felt like death on a stick. A day of good things and bad. Thanks again ~ George

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      1. You are welcome, George. Anyways , I can hear you and your voice sounds just fine lol just a little gruff , I think your voice needed a break too. You been working too hard . You take it easy for a few days . Everyday is a good day , George , don’t be so hard on yourself.
        And it’s only fever, it’s not going to stay with you forever lol the cough too .

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  2. My Lord Zoo, firstly, great song. I have always liked the idea of the two parts to anything and everything. Secondly the best of with China. It is some size of a market and one that has money to spend. Unlike many fellow romance authors who are being sniffy about it, I signed the other week with a company in Asia for serialization of the books I have the right to because three’s nothing to lose. I still hold my rights and ‘RIGHT’ now this market is untapped in many many ways so good on you. I think this is the time to do this.

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    1. That’s fantastic Shey. I heard that in China any western music is good down well plus royalties for plays are a given there, so I assume the same applies to you work or do you have to do loads of translations first? Whatever, that’s so good to hear. Maybe together we are taking over the world – with a bit of luck, that is.

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      1. Well, I went into it all to see it was legit and it is and happened is that this is an economy that has and is globalising as you can see yourself and it is is huge. The company i signed with cover China, the whole of Asia, They don’t bother with Amazon, it means very little there. They read their books on their mobiles and pads by the chapter and they have them by the chapter too. Then it is like a fan base where they are all talking to one another all over Asia about what they are reading . So now they are looking to expand into other genres, Romance being one. So they set up an office in NY and have met with abso sniffiness from Rom writers they have approached, largely cos they went out looking for writers who had some self pubbed titles that were once with a publisher. Again this is how they do things there and they can’t quite get their heads round it, why they can’t get interested parties. But having looked it all over, I thought… I am no being sniffy cos I have nothing to lose here. I don’t pay anything, They don’t want exclusivity unless you do They take care of the market and you get a good split of each chapter sale. Also they don’t want the books in say 20 chapters…they want 80. No more than 2 thou words a chap. If you do well enough they translate for you into Chinese. They have been no bother to deal with and if I make a quid i will be happy . Amazon is busted frankly. They busted themselves when they set up Kindle Unlimited. Now I imagine you are also getting in there at the right time. Whatever happens it is so worth giving this a shot. best of to you too x

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      2. In many ways that sounds like the music industry here in the west, where 5% of musicians get to earn 95% of the available income and the rest of us earn next to nothing. The reason I gave up on live performance was that, no matter how good or bad you are you just end up fat and 40 working in pubs at weekends. There are some fantastic musicians doing just that. To me it’s all about working with the technology. Whether what I do will ever make that big break – for me it’s composing songs and music for others and hopefully TV/Ads/Movies/video games etc. China, as you say, whether I crack it or not, is a thing I have to try. From what I’ve learnt music to them over there is pretty much like what you just said about writing. There seems to be very few obstacles, unlike here. It might not work, but what the hell if we don’t try we’ll never know. I hope it works for you big time ~ George

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      3. ”’here 5% of musicians get to earn 95% of the available income and the rest of us earn next to nothing.”” I don’t fully know re the music industry.. I know enuff folks in it mind you having said that who would say the same as I am going to re Amazon. is not just the 5% it is the abusing of it. It is the book stuffers, the click farms certainly on KU and more than that, the ‘authors’ who churn out a best seller every 3 weeks..courtesy of fiverr, click farms and then when they get shut down come back under a diff IP addy and pen name. The second that things like KU and Spotify were introduced, well? Heads and brick walls for those trying to do it honestly. So good luck to you too . I love your music and totally admire the fact that you do it your way.

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      4. I was looking at one of the streaming platforms I’m on where they don’t pay royalties. It’s a good example of all that’s wrong – and from what you just said similar applies to writers as well re KU. On this relatively small platform two months after the release the song Devil’s Kiss was well into two thousand + steams and I don’t get a penny out of it. They call their service ‘good from promotion’. Very few people pay for downloads these days so royalties are what all half decent musicians deserve not just the few. I’ll still hang on in that platform purely on the basis – as had happened every now and then – a big noise shows an interest in my stuff. I bet you ask yourself the same question I ask myself sometimes – ‘why be an artist?’. Then again, without art I couldn’t be bothered to wake up every morning and create stuff 7 days a week working all hours – even with the flu.

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      5. Well Kindle unlimited pay by the page view okay. So what happens is you get these authors who don’t actually exist…not as they say they do and their picture is a complete fake usually bearing an uncanny resemblance to their previous incarnation that Amazon did see was scamming it and removed their books, and they offer up some freebie on the last page of the 500 page book…mainly blank… and people scroll right to the end. Hey you’ve been paid for 500 pages viewed. And not just the once either cos these people use clickfarms to view the books and they rake it in. Then authors who are trying to make a legitimate living, doing everything right including social media etc, are left wondering why they are such failures when these bastards can rake in 8 grand a month without having social media accounts. There’s indie publishing houses at capers, the same set of reviewers, the same 25 glowing 5 star reviews the day the book is released, as is on every other book they released. And Amazon can’t deal with it. I know there’s not much to be made online music sites either. My Mr has been working on writing an album, it will be for local charities and its songs about Dundee, its people etc. He is working on with a wonderful local musician whose been round the park you know, ex session musician for Elvis Costello, taught the guys in meet Danny Wilson guitar, and his son had a huge success with some song and like that nothing to show for it. It’s all appalling. Why do we do it given all this? Because we cannot imagine not doing it .

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      6. Reading that Amazon stuff does make me wonder why we bother at all. I need masses of follows on things like YouTube – in particular – but I want them all to be potential customers not the non-existent names that can be sold to me by cowboys. There’s no point in having them. I get email after email on that stuff. Thinking about making a joke of art – any genre – for cheating money has got me angrier than when I first read what you said. The thing is these people cheat from the other end of the business. The dark end. I have had cases where I’ve been ‘selected’ out of the thousands for serious looking promotion of my work but when you get to the bottom of it they want money from me first. It’s all a scam. You wouldn’t believe just how wide in terms of music related income streams (some not even music related) I have to spread my work over in order to make a few quid. I like the last bit you wrote. ‘Why do we do it given all this? Because we cannot imagine not doing it.’ ~ George

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      7. Keep your chin up. I mean that and my fingers are crossed, well crossed, for you here.In knots actually. You so deserve to have your music to a big audience, a money making audience. No . We don’t do this to make ok that would be nice… but you want to be heard and paid to be heard. End of.


      8. Thanks, Shey. Even when I get radio play the stats boom but the profits don’t. Same qwith magazines. I don’t mind radio though. It’s been a great help so far, plus Spotify and iTunes are now on my side. China might be soon. Like you say fingers crossed for the both of us ~ George


      1. That must be an English term, I’ve never heard it used here, but I know what it means. However, the difference between man flu and regular flu escapes me. Not a surprise, a lot of things do😀

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  3. Congrats on getting your music into China, George! 🎉🎉🎉

    “Life, you have two faces
    You’re a door without a key
    Demons & angels trading places
    Where nothing comes for free”

    Love that! Very prophetic!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. 😊

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    1. Thanks, Felicia. I think life is often like a door you want to get through and see what’s on the other side but some bigwig has hidden the key. I know it’s only a metaphor but should we break the door down or just give in? Someone cleverer than me might know the answer. Thanks again ~ George


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