I’m an idiot for not taking a video of the gull. I’ll tell you why.

For the first day in ages it had stopped raining and was just warm enough for me to have my breakfast outside a café – Eggs Benedict for what it’s worth. Halfway through eating I spotted this gull stood at the door of an estate agent next to the café. At first I thought he (maybe a she, but being a little arrogant I’m thinking a he) was clocking himself in the reflection of the window. However he wasn’t judging his good looks as moments later he was trying to open the door with his beak. When that failed he started to tap at the door – beak taps, that is – trying to get a reaction. Eventually a lady opened the door and gave him a good couple of handfuls of croutons she’d made especially for him.

Apparently the gull visits every single morning at 9.30AM – on the dot – for breakfast and the only reason he had to hang around was that the lady who had fried up the croutons for him had to let them cool down before serving them up. Once he’d scoffed the lot he flew off to wherever gulls go when their not eating or shitting on my car.

While I don’t agree humans should be feeding gulls who really ought to be out at sea fishing for themselves I couldn’t help thinking the interaction between bird and human was OK this time. It’s all about the relationship between a decent human and wildlife to me.

The oddest thing was that when eating the croutons this gull didn’t scream out boasting to all his gull mates that he’d had a result at the estate agents. That’s what usually happens with gulls just before a massive bundle kicks off as they fight to steal each other’s food.

I like seagulls. They’ve got attitude. The rappers of the bird world.

Once, a couple of years ago I was leaving a car park when some heartless moron deliberately drove over a young gull. He flattened the gull then drove off – at speed after spotting me in kill mode. The juvenile gull took a minute or two to die. Sadly I wasn’t brave enough to put it out of its misery. I still feel guilty about that.

I got the reg number of his car, rushed over to the police station but they weren’t bothered. “It’s one for the RSPCA, son,” was all they said. I often think about this. I often think the same thing should happen to that driver. A steam-roller would do nicely.

Here’s ‘Time Out’ my song for the gulls alive and dead from my Dream Rescuer album. I hope you enjoy;

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George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

38 thoughts on “THE SEAGULL & THE CROUTONS”

  1. You have to video him , George. Wow that would be epic.
    Yes, a steam roller and I will bring one .
    I love birds , then dogs Alsatians I think. So totally royal.
    Great music 🎶 So long. Let me chill with your music 🎼 .

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    1. Thanks, Lady Yasmin. Next time I’m over at that café I’ll get the vid done. Not knowing what the gull was up to this time I didn’t risk a vid in case he flew off. Now I know he was on a mission I’ll get it right next time. Thanks again ~ George

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  2. Great story, zoo. There is a squirrel I named, Moonie (after the cult) that I have been feeding for almost 13 years. I didn’t even know squirrels lived that long. My neighbors threatened to call the police (which they eventually did) but that has not deterred me. Friendship is friendship.

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    1. Thanks. We don’t get a lot of squirrels around here. I guess the sea air isn’t for them. Last place I lived had tribes of them. There’re one of the most interesting animals to watch ~ George

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  3. You don’t know how many times I’ve kick myself for not doing a video. I’m getting better, though. Seagulls are characters. They fly all they way up here (a 1000 miles from either ocean), and hang out in the Rio Grande in the summer time. The crows don’t like them. The little contact I’ve had with seagulls in Spain, France and California (I did a video of one earlier this month when we were in San, Diego, CA), is that they are opportunistic scavengers, which make them very good at surviving and propagating.

    The seagull is adorable waiting for his croutons. We’ve had raccoons come and beg at the door, but we don’t feed them. One summer we had a paper wasp who came to the table on the deck at the same time every morning all summer long to get a drop of syrup.

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    1. Thanks. It’s good to know that even a proper photographer doesn’t always get it right. If I hadn’t rushed at taking the pic and thought about it some more then the vid would have been perfect and might even have helped me get a few more YouTube follows. I shall return and get the job finished now that I know the gull turns up same time each day.
      Gulls v Crows, especially at dusk is one of the great mid-air battles. I remember once when I’d finished my instrumental album and was in need of a title for that album (inc. the title track) that a battle in the sky was taking place. I was in the garden at the time and noticed a whole mass of pigeons sat on the roof watching the fight like they were in a cinema watching a movie. They also reminded me that Switzerland is a neutral country when it comes to warfare – hence the album got name ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland. Thanks again ~ George

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  4. I agree. I couldnt do it either. When my kids were small we had an excellent vet who would take any animal we brought him to try to save. I’m sure that wouldn’t be possible in the gull’s case. Not calling out meant he could eat in peace. Animals are so much smarter than we think! Great post as usual.🤗

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    1. Thanks for that. It was a unique gull who got the croutons. They are the only bird species I know who just have to boast to their mates. I saw one on the high street a couple of months back dive bombing on a bloke walking along eating his takeaway burger. The gull took it out of his hands then landed on a roof boasting to any other gulls hanging around. Within seconds a hundred gulls turned up and they had their usual fight. It was great to watch and probably helped the burger bloke who didn’t look like he needed too many more calories to be fair. Thanks again ~ George

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  5. While it isn’t a good idea to impair the ability of animals in the wild to find food for themselves, we have redesigned a large portion of the planet in a way that makes it difficult for many animals to properly fend for themselves. I throw unshelled peanuts all over the place in Long Island (the suburb I spend a lot of time in) so squirrels, crows, gulls and blue jays can find them on the ground and eat them. And I occasionally throw bread and crackers on the ground for robins, orioles, woodpeckers, cardinals, grackels and other smaller birds.

    While in NYC (the other place I call home) I feed peanuts to squirrels & blue jays and pieces of crackers to pigeons & small birds in parks (occasionally by hand).

    In places of large human populations I believe we actually should help animals with their food supply. I’ve seen animals fighting over food and searching in places too crowded with people (a supremely dangerous predator) to safely find enough food. Every time I see a dead animal on the side of the road a little piece of my heart dies.

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    1. I agree. Like now especially. Winter means leaving food out for wildlife. I’ve got a place on the roof not even the local cats can get to where the bird-food goes. The various varieties who turn up can make the day better. Thanks again ~ George

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