pride and time1 (3)

‘A broken mirror left behind’

A couple of posts back I wrote some semi-lyrical words. I called them ‘The Secrets of the Blind’ I have been playing around with them hoping to get a new song together. I’m still playing around, adding a slightly different take on the evolution of the songs words and melody. If not prompted by the brilliant poet YASSY KHAN I wouldn’t have got this far with this one. If you don’t know her already I recommend you give her blog a visit. As ever with lyrics they sing better than they read.

The secrets of the blind
A broken mirror left behind
Playing games with your mind
However undefined
They may be

When all you see is what’s inside your head
Like the open book you never read
For daylight read instead
The darkness of the dead
The sun don’t shine

You captured all the stars
From the West End to Planet Mars
Even today you bear the scars
Of burning violins and old guitars
You cannot see

The day Saint Peter broke your heart
That’s when you almost fell apart
You swapped a lead role for a bit part
That wasn’t very smart
I heard you say

Some music. Another track from Guitar Jam – Volume 1. This one is called ‘Alternative Rock Groove – F Major. I hope you enjoy;

The album itself, along with all my other albums are available on BANDCAMP

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

24 thoughts on “THE SUN DON’T SHINE”

  1. The lyrics are beautifully mystical !
    I love the way your rhyme goes , George.
    A salute to your unique style of writing where you mix fantasy and reality. All raw and real. So much elegance and warmth.
    Well, thank you for the motivation. Your comment here is an honour for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Yasmin. The honour was you advising I should play some more with the original. I’m not sure when this will get recorded – I’m up to my neck in backing tracks at the moment – but it will be done using the original title. Thanks again ~ George

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I’ll get there with this one soon. I’m in a mass of composing these backing tracks right now. I like your blog a lot, by the way ~ George


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