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I can’t draw let alone alone paint. However, fellow blogger Ted Giffin can. Not just can, he’s actually a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University, the Herron School of Art, plus he’s a musician as well.

So, I get to see a pic of me (above) on his blog. I let my mother take a look and she says she want’s it for her birthday. Ted obliges. Not only that, he paints version two (below). She’s over the moon.

ted4 (2)

I get speaking to the old man. He says, and I quote, “You couldn’t ask Ted to knock one out for Shirl could you? I’ll add it to her list of b’day presents.” Shirley = my mother. Once more, Ted obliges. Her birthday was a success all round. Her pic below.

georges-mum (2)

We were all in a Turkish restaurant on the big day. The old man reminds me that back in 2017 Ted did the artwork for the front and back covers for his book, ‘Notoriously Naked Flames’, so for good measure I’ve included these also, for no other reason than it shows, yet again, that Ted is a great talent.

nnf front cover master (2)


nnf back cover master (2)

I recommend you check out the work of TED GIFFIN and, if you don’t know him already, see what you’re missing.

Time for some music. Here’s one from the new album available on BANDCAMP . It’s called ‘Melancholy Groove’. I hope you like it;

Guitar Jam, Vol. 1 – Zoolon Audio Backing Tracks

by Zoolon Audio

Apart from Ted’s art, Copyright © 2019 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

21 thoughts on “THE ARTIST”

  1. I´m writing the comment while listening to your “Melancholy groove”, nice.
    Ted is definitely a great artist, I´ll have to check it out it reminds me of the paintings one that ended up in the back cover of my world famous poetry book of another blogger that did it for me and guess what? My mother wanted it! So I actually had it printed, this blogger did several paintings, so I just printed them all and now my mother has put them on the walls of her room. She says the artist makes me look better……. Not in your case though you’re a good looking guy (not in the gay sense), and it seems the artist of you is genetics, I hope to get soon the credit card from the bank (again same problem) and buy the book of your father. You come from a family of artist, that has to be pretty neat. Anyways great guitar groove I´m listening here. I´ll go now check Ted and see his art. I often wonder in which worst place I would be if I didn’t have art in my case writing to express myself, or just create my own fantasy. Keeps me focus. Damn, this is great guitar playing…. If you have time and want to respond; why did you choose the guitar? And not another instrument
    Just curious about musicians. Plus you also write….. you pretty much encompass a lot of art forms.

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    1. Charlie, I’ll get the old man to follow your blog tomorrow if he’s not following it already. I’m having breakfast with him and my mum in a freezing café downtown. They smoke so we sit outside. He doesn’t bite unless he’s dealing with racists, homophobes, sexists, Boris, Brexit, Trump etc. then it all goes pear-shaped. He’s a good bloke though. He knows who did his cover art for all his books etc. I know the one Ted did – Ted’s a great artists for sure.
      I got started playing the guitar about 10 years old. I’m left-handed, my dad’s left handed as well but come my 10th birthday he forgot about that and gave me a right-handed guitar. I didn’t want to sound like I was disappointed so I learnt to play right-handed and am still playing right-handed guitar wise ever since. I play piano and mandolin as well as a few other instruments.
      I’ve been lucky to have support for my art. I know not many get that kind of luck that means tons when the world turns shit as it often does.
      I’m glad you liked the groove. Best of luck – George

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      1. Remind your father that in my about page I do say I have a dark-ironic-sarcastic sense of humor so I´m not always politically correct, I don’t want him chasing me around the globe.
        Very interesting that you are left handed and you play with the right. I sort of figured you could play more instruments, maybe we can hear (and I think you did put a piano music in one post some time ago) the mandolin also, once in a while if you wish, it would be nice although I have to say I love the guitar and hearing you play it of course. I also love to hear the drums, I have no clue how they have such coordination those guys and gals. And when I was ten I also got a guitar, I thought it would be easy to play and learn the cords and everything else……. I think I lasted a week before I said “This is too much mom!” while crying. Music and the playing of instruments have always fascinated me, you make it look so easy…..and is not obviously, a lot of practice and practice and more practice. My parents is not that they didn’t support me in this writing adventure of mine, I just didn’t say anything. Until I started the blog and send my father an email and it showed the followers, so some people at least were reading muy crazy bad written words. So I think he thought that after years of being lost I found a purpose, it might not be what they wanted but they know it keeps me focus and most of the time out of trouble. In the town where I live is a pretty nasty town and all these shady characters know me and I know them, so now that I´m my mothers caretaker (actually writing now from her computer since mine is broken, it was a 250$ laptop so actually it is a miracle it lasted a year or so) I spend more time in this town which what a difference, I don’t have to walk around with 2 eyes in the back of my head, no fights, I can relax in that sense then do all the household chores, take care of the freaking dog that drives me nuts, take mother to walk a bit outside which that in itself is a chore just convincing her to get out of the couch and see the sunshine. But she is happy seeing me focus and writing and having fun with it, and I´m happy to help her and seeing her happy. She is the one that raised me after all, what type of man would I be if in these dire situations I would bounce and be on the wrong path. I´m used to that other town where I pay 1.50$ dollars for the tiny room, the violence that is, unfortunately I know how to handle that. Army did teach you violence. But that was a job, this is normal civilian life and is actually great to be in a town where obviously there is people with money but very respectful, everybody in general is nice and I don’t have to be in my “war mind mode” constantly, so I decompress and I feel good seeing mother laughing with me, actually I have become an expert of Tiny houses, it´s a t.v show she always watches so I sit there and we comment. Quite interesting actually.
        I saw Ted´s blog, truly a great artist.
        Anyways this was a long comment I apologize, I thought I was talking to my psychologist…. funny thing, one psychologist actually kicked me out, she said I was full of BS. Go figure. I just liked to joke with her once in a while and she didn’t take it too good it seemed.
        Have a great day, and keep on with that guitar groove, and a hello to your father and mother also.

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