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James Gull, ‘Licence to Poo’ – all over my car on a daily basis

I first went to St Margaret’s Bay, just along the coast from Dover, a few years ago when I was capturing the sounds of the sea for a sound art project. I go over there every so often because it’s not a place that has tons of tourists and I can think there. I made my first visit this year early on Bank Holiday Monday, before the heat got silly hot in the hope it might help cure the dreaded block – writer’s block, I have to stress. It is posh and pretty after all. What I’d never realized is that it is the closest part of England to France. On the pic below you’ll see a White Cliff. The tip of that cliff is the exact closest place to France, just 21 miles from Calais. It’s that close when roaming your phone gets connected to French networks.

st margarets2

After learning that possibly boring but true piece of information I then researched some more. Don’t ask me why. It just happened. Anyway, during WW2 the Brits built a massive fake wooden gun there. Even though it was a useless lump of sh…, sorry, timber, the idea was that the sight of it might put the Germans off flying over the area. The thing was the Germans worked out it was just a lump of wood and, for a joke, dropped a wooden bomb on it. Neat.

St Margaret’s Bay also has had some of the famous posh living there. For example, the next pic. My online guide advises me, ‘The two cottages at the end of the beach were owned by Noel Coward and Ian Fleming, who both enjoyed the sea views and walks in this tranquil area.’ The pic below is of where, Fleming – the James Bond author – lived.

st margarets6

Also, although I haven’t got an actual pic, the guide says, ‘The picturesque location drew several well-known people to build holiday homes at St Margaret’s, including actor Peter Ustinov. His clifftop residence is now owned by actress Miriam Margolyes.’ I’ve heard of Ustinov but I’m not sure who Miriam Margolyes is so I’ll take their word for that one. I’m guessing the clifftop property must be one of those in this next pic.

st margarets4

Enough was enough. It was at this point that the online guide was causing me to glaze over and lose the will to live, so I gave up fact finding and took a shot of a piece of the chalk that The White Cliffs are made of. You’ll note it’s not so white close-up.

st margarets3 (2)

Given that this post is about cliffs and cliffs have edges I thought that my instrumental – with an electronic choir – called ‘On the Edge’ might just work. I hope you enjoy;

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33 thoughts on “007 & ME”

    1. Thanks. Talking of wooden weapons, I’ll tell you what David. My grandad had a wooden rifle as did many others in the retreat back to Dunkirk at the start of WW2. The army didn’t have enough real ones to go around and only the guys who could use them best got to have a real shooter. When grandad ran out of fuel just outside of Dunkirk his wooden rifle wasn’t much good. He spent the next 5 years banged up in the POW camp next door to the Krakow concentration camp. Bad times. Thanks again for the read ~ George

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      1. Thanks for the read. My grandad only ever told the family of this in his last dementia years. Before that he never mentioned it. A bit of a shame really ~ George

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  1. The photos are beautiful. I would just like to sit on those old pieces of wood and chill out. Gorgeous. Also like the music. I guess by online guide you mean your phone? I never thought of that “convenience”.☺️

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  2. What a great post. Really, losing the will to live over the on-line guide was perfect and I think most of us can understand and agree with you. LOL Your music is always wonderful but I must say I loved your description of your trip to Dover. And the photo was really beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. The cliffs like all things, have good and bad days. When the sun shines on them, they are beautiful snow white. Some days when the clouds turn everything monotone they don’t look that good. I guess a that is the way it should be. I like walking the cliffs a lot ~ George

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  3. I did not know that this was the place for famous actors and writers. But I do know Miriam Margolyes. She is a fabulous character actor. When I was starting out in acting I was in the company at the Bristol Old Vic in Canterbury Tales and Miriam was the Wife of Bath. More recently I saw her in several episodes of Call the Midwife. She is hilarious and you would enjoy her if you ever met her. See is also an excellent actress and has won many awards for her work.

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    1. Thanks, Anne. Since I wrote this my mother has been singing the praises of Miriam. She sounds pretty wild – more so than mum herself who is nothing like me. She’s totally mad. I’ll tell her you know Miriam. Thanks again ~ George

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HaHA! Well I don’t know about that but I think that sometimes Miriam did things or said things just to take people off guard and rattle them up a bit in a good way. I used to laugh my head off with her. Maybe I should meet your Mum next time I’m in England!

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