G1‘Unfeasibly Giant Hands’

I’ve been working on a couple of big – at least to me they’re big – music projects these last couple of months and now, near the end, I find I’m putting so much into it trying to get it finally finished that I can’t write the words I want anymore. I’ve hit a dull patch of blog creativity. The pressure to complete the project got worse with the rising heat these last few days. 30 degrees+. I work from an attic studio and it gets amazingly hot when it’s hot – even blasting cold air via the fan does nothing to cool it down. It got so hot I thought I’d take a walk to the harbour. At least there’s usually a sea breeze there. How wrong I was. The harbour was in still air and was just as hot as the attic, but at least I took a few pics.

Anyhow, the first pic is of the famous White Cliffs of Dover – that’s never had any bluebirds, by the way – taken from the end of the new pier that’s been put up as part of the Western Dock revival.

dover6 (2)

Next a shot – again from the new pier – of the marina. You can get a decent hot chocolate there although they serve it up with a sugar-central square of some kind of rubbery chocolate cake I don’t like. Luckily for them the seagulls do like.

dover9 (2)

The following one shows the, as yet, work in progress on the Western Dock. I’ve seen the pics of what it’s going to look like when it’s finished. It looks really good although I know this project has been mainly funded with a lot of EU money so I’m wondering what will happen if Brexit actually happens. I’m hoping it never happens. It’s already cost me money losing the opportunity to take on some sound design work in France.

dover4 (2)

On the new pier a thing that got me is that there’s a sign that says – amongst other things – ‘NO JUMPING’.  Why would you ‘jump’ on a pier when you can walk, jog or run? Up on the steep White Cliffs, especially near the sheer drop edges, where there should be a sign saying ‘NO JUMPING’ there isn’t one. Odd. Also, I wonder if when the Cockney’s from the  East End of London pay a visit will they take the line, ‘No feeding of birds’ to mean that their wives’ have to starve during their stay here? Odder still.

dover5 (3)

I thought some ambient music might fit the serenity of the harbour on a day like this. It’s the title track from my ‘Pigeons Are Switzerland’ album. I hope you enjoy;

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George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

32 thoughts on “‘NO FEEDING THE BIRDS’”

      1. I’m used to our heat here in Florida, but it’s time for a cool down! And I know it’s really unusual for your part of the world to have such heat waves. Drink lots of cold stuff! Beer works.

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  1. You have made me laugh Lord Zoo. Chin up..not about Brexit..Jeez, dinnae get me started… about where yiu are right now. Attic rooms swelter in this heat, the brain does too and there is nothing worse than getting near the end of a project. I know by rights it should be rolling down the hill and you should be cheering but sometimes you feel like you are drawling up that hill still, shoving this boulder and you are struggling for a scrap of creativity. But you will get there.


    1. Thanks Shey. You know I’m getting so fed up with WP. I was hallway typing your reply and suddenly your comment without reason or warning was moved into ‘trash’. I’ve managed to restore it thankfully. You’re right though, the end game is the hardest. With me it’s been composing hours and hours of music all 7 days a week for a brand new product. Heat and pressure don’t get along. Nor does WP sending incoming comments to trash. Thanks again ~ George


  2. HaHA! Oh boy this is an entertaining post. My sympathy about the heat in an attic room. Our son as said it is hot in London. We have air conditioning here so the heat is not so bad. I guess the “no feeding ” is so the birds do not gather and deposit their digested bits of food on the docks.

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    1. Thanks, Anne. The only air con I’ve got is in my car but that means engine on and that means pollution. It looks like I’ll have to boil again today – they give it 33 degrees! Also, the seagulls digested food usually lands on the roof of my car.~ George

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      1. Your son has it right, for sure. I just saw a thing on Google saying the fires in the Amazon have so far killed 500 million bees, so it may not matter if we’re hot or cold soon. No bees; no us. Worrying ~ George

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  3. That last comment was…. just the beers, should cut down on that. I read you before but since as you do know there are quite some more people that I try my best to get a grip of what their post is about I tend to forget….again it might be the beer, I actually said bear, I just like the mixing thing and your voice( not in the gay way) but I did work, actually I only drove the guy for him to do all the ” wiring” on the guys who where going to play on local bars, I got my money but more than anything I thought that it was pretty nice to see the whole process. Shit, now I feel bad about that comment to that commentator, hope she doesn´t take it the wrong way,
    point being I can add value to your artistic forum.

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    1. Thanks. I reckon you’re a walking movie waiting to be filmed, just not sure what certificate they’d give you. Best of luck and thanks again ~ George


  4. Hey, George, are ya online right now? I am able to mail out those 3 images of you in the next few days. Do you still want them? If you are online, I could shoot out an email to ya about the cost.

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    1. Thanks, Ted. Still a good idea. My mother still prefers the original of the one that turned white. Your other one sounds good and I’ve commented on that thread. Thanks again ~ George

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