zoolon hands(Me caught on camera making a serious point when talking with The Devil)

I got the notification that read, ‘Chart-Topping Artists – Discover this month’s chart-topping alternative artists now.’ It got better because one of them was me. I’m number 1 on ReverbNation’s UK Chart and have been for a week or so (19th on the Global Chart as well). Maybe I should have been checking the stats daily. Sadly, while I can share on Twitter, there is no way I can embed the ‘Chart-Topping Artists’ playlist on WP – a pain – so here’s the link – REVERBNATION CHART

There’s only six of us on it and the order of play changes all the time, but there’s some great stuff there.

This bit of success is all down to The Devil incarnate himself, through my song, ‘The Devil’s Kiss’ – the one that featured the unique voice of FIFI RONG in a duet – do check her work out when you get a chance. I knew the number got curated not long after it was released and had hoped it would get heard around the world. Odd really because words and melody wise it’s one of my simplest compositions ever. Less is more? Maybe.

Someone told me if I’d released it 20 years ago I’d be rolling in money – which believe me I’m not. These days stats are based on sales + listens + views + etc. What with all the free streaming, indie musicians are having a hard time of it in an industry where 10% of the artists get 90% of the global revenue and that doesn’t leave much in the pot for the rest of us. Even so I’m genuinely pleased about this. It gets the ‘Zoolon’ name/brand out there in front of ReverbNation’s 4 million artists plus any number of listeners worldwide so it’s not all bad.

If you don’t fancy to listening to the whole playlisting then here’s another opportunity to listen to just the Zoolon chart number, ‘The Devil’s Kiss’. I hope you like;


george(Me after The Devil had cracked a joke)

To finish off this post a few Devil prompted dark words and a couple of pics of flowers that caught my eye the other day when I should have been working on the new project. I don’t know why. Like the music, I hope you enjoy;

You climbed the steps up to the alter

Where you gave yourself away

That’s why they call you the Devil’s Daughter

You wouldn’t have it any other way


The writing on the wall says you’re blacklisted

You’re full of promises you know you’ll never keep

You swapped the full moon for a plastic crucifix

Laughed aloud when you saw the one-time preacher weep

NB – Where do words come from? I only mention it because of the line, ‘You swapped the full moon for a plastic crucifix’. I’m not saying it’s a great line, more that I never realized I’d written it until I read it back. Odd.

the nothing3

shirley rose2

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George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

48 thoughts on “SAYING ‘THANK YOU’ TO THE DEVIL”

  1. Well done. Love the photos of you, and that yellow rose too. The phrase ‘chart-topping alternative artists’ caught my eye. I remember when alternative meant apart from the chart system, like back when a little community radio station in Tampa, FL started playing the then unheard of band R.E.M. for example. Anyway, something went *ding* in my head and I thought ‘oxymoron’ 😉 This has nothing to do with anything except my copy editing reflexes, over which I have little control. The charts should be grateful to receive music like yours.—Paul

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    1. Thanks you that. I keep getting messages that ‘Devil’s Kiss’ is trending worldwide – mainly on streams. I live in hope someone important in the industry gets to listen and hopefully ‘like’ although I don’t think I’ll ever match REM. I spent some time studying their work a while back. ‘Losing My Religion’ for example – hard act to follow, let alone to match. Thanks again ~ George

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  2. Many congrats again, my friend! I rather like the idea of swapping the moon for a plastic crucifix. It says a lot about human nature willing to give away true treasures for the appearance of another.

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    1. Thank you, Jennifer. I’d stayed at No. 1 in the UK chart until today. Now at No. 2 – in truth I’m not that bothered – your comment has cheered me up. Thanks again ~ George

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