zoo1Hidden Corner’

Like last year and the year before and the year before that, Zoolon never got an Easter Egg. Is the world of eggs trying to tell me something?

I’d never noticed it before yesterday. Driving out of town into the countryside there’s a Beefeater franchise type restaurant. I’ve never been there but I think it’s just a steak, chips and ketchup sort of place. Nothing special. What I hadn’t noticed before was the field of cows smack bang next door to the Beefeater. Odd and hardly considerate if you’ve been born with cloven hoof. Not good.

Anyhow, I got the chance to go to a wildlife park a few days back. The place wasn’t that big but felt better than the average big zoo. The animals looked to have more freedom there. Here’s (inc. above) a few pics of some of what I saw plus a 60 second piece I made on Ableton with my Fender Telecaster (I’m hoping the animals like a guitar solo).

zoo5‘Castaway the Wolf’




In praise of the wolf, here’s an instrumental piece ‘Castaway’ from my Dream Rescuer album. Hope you enjoy. New music is on the way soon.

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George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

39 thoughts on “THE WOLF & THE POSER”

  1. Oh, let the pretend dinos have their fun. The Milwaukee Zoo will occasionally get this exhibit of animatronic dinos, and people just FLOCK to it. I’ll admit my three B’s dug them, too. After all, how often do kids get to see a big ol’ T-Rex just a few feet away among the trees? 🙂

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    1. I’ve got to say that if it was a real one then I’d copyright the pic and make a fortune. I guess little kids like to see what has become extinct – so that’s really good ~ George

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  2. JGC, ‘Hidden Corner’ has a whimsical and medieval feel. I noticed the wildlife park has such a variety of residents, prehistoric ones too. Wonderful photos, I really like the ‘Poser’. Love the music, ‘Castaway’ is a beautiful and stirring piece. I think it would make an excellent opening credit for film or ongoing series. Wishing you a terrific and creative Friday. ~ PM

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      1. My pleasure. Also, George, I noted from your interview on Jean Lee’s World that you write theme songs on request. I’d like to commission you to write one. Can we talk more off blog? 🙏

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  3. Well, all animals love acoustical on Fenders. I know because I am such an animal. (So are you of course.) We are all actually just another animal. You should try playing your music for the wild ones. They will listen, and if you were super patient, they will approach. I would love to take the photos. It would be like those classical musicians playing symphonies for the grazing cows. The cows of course, being the smart animals they are, stopped chewing their cuds, and walked in mass to listen, transported. Do you think cows are smarter animals than us?

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    1. Thank you. ‘Music for the wild ones’ – great line. Are cows smarter than humans? Difficult to say. Nicer, for sure. Less violent for certain. I guess it depends on levels of consciousness. The theory I have about animals and consciousness is that it’s impossible to judge properly because humans have unique hands that can create. I’d like to see what a cow with hands would do artistically. Without a doubt I prefer animals to humans ~ George


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