hythe‘Hythe on a Friday in Feb’


Instagram, your plucking at the feathers of blue angels

They all claim a Photoshopped body beautiful

She says, he says, “Look at me, see my great life, my ego flies

It never ever, never ever, ever falls”


Deluded fantasy in a free gallery of wannabes

And someone big who’s feeling very small

Slash your wrists, cause a splash, play the game of self-harm

Inside you must know you’re just a wasted fool?


For every fake smile, another maybe superstar

Possessed, distressed, come selfie time undressed

Impersonating celebrity’s golden robots

Fixing on a drug that’s called ‘Obsessed’

I get advised by someone in the industry that I’m mad not being on Instagram, “It’s the only place to be.” I sign up. Right now I think I might just stay mad. Look deep and the place is ugly. Yes, there’s some great artists there but mainly egos abound. I’ll hang in a bit longer and see how it evolves.

Time for some music. This one is from the latest album, ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’. It’s called ‘One Man Band’. Hope you enjoy;

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

16 thoughts on “BLUE ANGELS”

  1. I think Instagram is like anything else, Twitter, FB – you can find or see whatever you want to see. I would think youtube would be a good place to display music, but I really don’t know. Like the others, maybe. A lot o different types, real and fake. Good luck.

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    1. Thanks. It’s a strange one. E.g. I can’t say I ‘like’ Twitter yet it works for me business wise. FB I hate because most of what’s written is trash, yet this one – Instagram – is the home for those who seem to have a self-belief way, way beyond the skills their ego can’t see. Mainly, the music based sites are my preference, like ReverbNation. Thank again ~ George


  2. Thanks George, I enjoyed this very much. I dropped out of FB and have never been able to access Instragram because it keeps saying some one else is using my email…lol, not good. I love your music, this is a fantastic piece! Have a great day , Holly.

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  3. I’m a dinosaur. My social media presence is limited to WordPress and email – thought probably these are just the internet. I think your poem is wonderful, George. It gives me a sense of the wasteland that is FB and Instagram. But then I’m not in business.


  4. You’re quite about Instagram, I think all the social networks are the same full of attention seekers. I don’t have facebook or Twitter I admit I have instagram but I don’t post anything personal on it just books (bookstagram) and I only follow bibliophile like me

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