folkestone sky‘For Free’ by Zoolon

The brainwasher wearing the grey suit that sparkled said he drove an Audi Quattro. He asked what I drove. I lied and said a skateboard. He asked why I didn’t wear, “A smart suit like mine”. I couldn’t be bothered to answer.  Also, he looked like someone who might end up on a #metoo rap. Maybe that was a bit harsh, maybe not. Later he mentioned that when he sees a door, he sees an ‘entrance’. When he spoke he acted as if he knew something no one else knew.

“What do you see when you see a door, George?”

I was going to say, ‘A door’ but said, “An exit” instead. He told me that was a negative reply. Probably was.

Outside his office, a giant office full of ethically sourced takeaway coffee cups and stressed people looking like they wanted to end it all, I noticed a fire exit door. I thought I’d like to have seen the brainwasher in the grey suit that sparkled try that door out as an entrance. Maybe my answer wasn’t so negative after all.

Out in the street just up from the office in front of a private house a white van pulled up at the same time a lady in a grey tracksuit that didn’t sparkle came out to greet the driver. A fat bloke in trainers. She apologized for collaring me before asking if I could give the van driver a hand carrying the door he was delivering upstairs. Said it was too heavy for him to carry and that she wasn’t strong enough to help. She hadn’t brushed her hair and only had one slipper on. Odd. The toenails on the foot without a slipper were, I think, painted lime green. I’m not good with colours. Anyway, I said OK, thinking all the time that this must be ‘The Day of the Door’.

The door wasn’t that heavy. Neat house inside. Now in her smart kitchen both her black cats left via the cat flap ‘exit’, reinforcing the positivity of my ‘exit’ theory of doors.

I noticed she’d brushed her hair and found her other slipper when she thanked me for helping out, offering  me a smile, a fiver and a slice of wedding cake (?). I would have settled for the smile but she insisted I take the fiver. I took the fiver, not the wedding cake.

She told me her name was Mandy, after Barry Manilow. I said nothing but thought if she’s been named after Barry Manilow then logically her name should have been Barry. I suppose I could have said my name is George, after Lana Del Ray but though better of it.

I wonder what Mandy sees when she sees a door. I never asked, maybe I should have. I guess todays song should have been dedicated to Mandy, but it’s not. This one is for Mr Brainwasher, it’s called ‘Delusional Troll’. I hope you enjoy;

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

37 thoughts on “‘MANDY’S DOOR’”

    1. Thanks Holly. I wrote this as an angry song when I was 17, then when putting the Dream Rescuer album together and looking for a ballad I remembered this one and made it so. It’s weird revisiting the early stuff. It must be the same for writers like you? ~ George

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      1. That’s a great point. Sometimes it feels wrong to revisit old stuff and change it. I’ve got a ton of songs written when I was 16/17 when my recording equipment wasn’t all that. I keep thinking should I or shouldn’t I remake the ones that are OK. Difficult choice for sure ~ George

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    1. Thanks Shey. I had heard of Barry Manilow but that’s all. The Mandy name meant nothing to me at the time. I’ve now listened to a few of his numbers. Odd genre with great builds in the melodies. Not really for me but the lyric – not the song itself – for the song Copacabana is amazing. All about a murder. ~ George

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      1. Yeah I never liked Snozzle Manilow. BUT h did use a Chopin Prelude at the start of Could it be magic which I thought was ok. But otherwise I never liked his stuff in terms of what it was, though he certainly knew his stuff of that tupe.

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  1. Once again, I’m jealous of all the weirdness in your daily life, George. Glad you got the Mandy thing sorted out. For some reason, this story reminded me of one of your other ones, the pole dancer/ weight lifter duality. I guess it was the exit vs. entrance connotation of the door.

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  2. What a curious fellow, this brainwasher. Makes me wonder what his morning routine is like. There’s a door to what I think is a work shed by the Lions’ park. It’s a bright red door amongst bricks and fishing roosts. You make me wonder what that door lets one enter…

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