daisy (2)‘One of a Kind’ by Zoolon

I was out early again. Poached eggs on toast to kick off a new day.  Per usual there she was. This time dressed in all-in-one camouflage combats and a Che Guevara black beret with a red star on the front. Tucked in-between her shoulder-top and her neck she had a full on Mickey Mouse cuddly toy. She spoke to him all the time like he was alive.  Her gentle sounding voice is louder than you’d think, so listening in is easy. It’s like she’s answering Mickey’s questions, only that can’t be.

I’d say she’s maybe twenty +/- a year. Has a perma smile. Everyone likes her. She looks like she should be on the front cover of a posh fashion magazine. Vogue is posh? I don’t really know these things.

Last time I saw her, it was a warmer day than yesterday. A crazy, off the wall long snow-white dress and one of those pointy cone hats princess’s in the Middle Ages had. I checked it out on Wiki. They’re called Hennin hats. This time it was a regular teddy bear tucked between shoulder-top and her neck who was asking the questions she was answering. I don’t think she wears the same clothes twice.

I got told that most days she starts out at the library. Makes a point of going inside to say hello to all the staff. She knows them all by name. They know her by name. Never borrows a book. Once they’ve all said hello back, she’s off down the high street. The charity shops and the cafes are the places she visits most. Says hello to the shop assistants and café staff. She knows them all by name as well. Once she gets a ‘hello’ back she moves on. On her travels, if she bumps into a dog she knows she lets whatever cuddly toy she has with her ask the dog a few questions. I’m not sure if she knows the names of the dogs. Probably she does.

Whatever place she stops at to say hello, she can’t move on until she gets a ‘hello’ back. OCD I guess. I also got told that all the library staff, the shop assistants and the café staff keep an eye out for her. Make sure she’s safe. There’re scumbags out there who might take liberties.

I know her name because I got told it. She doesn’t know mine. It’s good that so many decent people are looking out for her. She’s different from the rest of us. ‘Special’ in a good way. A happy way.

I didn’t compose this song for her, so I’ll dedicate it instead. My opening line, ‘How’s it feel living without demons?’ felt right for her.

By the way, I’d like to thank you all for visiting Zoolon on ReverbNation. It’s a decent platform to showcase music. I noticed today that I’ve cracked the top 20 and am at number 17 out of many thousands of artists in the ReverbNation UK chart.  A lot of that is down to you kind bloggers. Thanks again for the support ~ George.

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George Blamey-Steeden

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43 thoughts on “THE POWER OF HELLO”

  1. There are curious souls like this around and about. Today we were having lunch on the Kings Rd. ( Chelsea) and there was an older woman sitting opposite me. She clearly saw people I did not and spoke with them. She was drinking soup and would sometimes sit and sometimes stand while drinking from the bowl. She noticed an older man, sitting on his own nursing a coffee. She offered him her cheese tart. She got up and gave it to him and he gladly accepted it. She paid her bill and bowed to the man and then bowed to all of us in the restaurant and then left. She was probably in her late 60s, nicely dressed in trendy clothing and neatly cut hair. She was a one of a kind. Somewhat similar to your special person.

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    1. Brilliant. So long as she was happy then no harm done. I wonder if she’s the mum of the girl I wrote about? That would be so weird. Put your story and mine together we’ve probably got a book, or maybe a song out of it! ~ George

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    1. Thanks for asking. He’s fit enough. He had vision problems but seems OK now. I see he’s mucking about with Twitter on and off. You could say, ‘Miserable Old Sod’ are his middle names. I’ll mention you asked about him. ~ George

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  2. I love your devotion to music!!!! PASSION is a key to happiness in life, great story – congrats 😉💪 my PASSION is travelling – I’m inviting you to have a look👌 br Paulina Poland

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  3. Congratulations on cracking the top 20! That’s HUGE, Friend. As for the curious girl…hmm. This sounds like one whose inner world peaks through via plush and plastic. Wonder how many stories she walks through in a day…

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  4. I Love this!!!!!! All of it!!! I Love the stories in your songs and the music in your stories. I love how the song isn’t about her, but made you think of her. I feel as if I have seen her. Absolutely wonderful!

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    1. Thanks. It’s funny you should write. I was just in town and saw her again, dressed as a classic gypsy. In some ways it must be good to be so different from the rest; in other ways, in her case especially from what people tell me, it can be dangerous being vulnerable and trusting of people. Thanks again ~ George

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      1. She is lucky, as you say, to have so many looking our for her. I am glad she has that freedom. There are so many people like her (or similar anyway) in my city and they are part of what makes me love it here. It is as if they are not fearful of their humanity, or perhaps they don’t know how to be. I suppose I envy that in some ways. Thank you for sharing such a touching story.

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