clouds7 (3)‘A Scouting Party of Clouds’ – 1

I’d almost forgotten what clouds looked like because of this empty sky heatwave in South East England. So hot for weeks and weeks without a cloud in the sky. The photos taken Tuesday evening of a scouting party of clouds has given me some hope the weather might just be changing back to the usual unpredictable stereotypical kind we all moan about. 30+ degrees centigrade day after day had been killing any creativity I claim to have – worse still my studio where I work is in an attic. The heat up there is indescribable.

clouds6 (2)‘A Scouting Party of Clouds’ – 2

On a different subject, I was, a few weeks back, asked a stupid question by that mate of mine I’ve mentioned before. He’s the one who asked me just before his driving theory test, ‘How many times am I allowed to drive round a roundabout?’ in case that question came up on his test.  That alone says it all about him.  So, this time he asks me, ‘What have seagulls and humans got in common – I bet I’ve got you with this one?’  He had got me with that one – until, on my walk back from the cinema (Ant-Man & The Wasp) the other day when I spotted a seagull attacking – as seagulls are prone to do – a black bin liner full of food waste. This particular gull had ripped the bag wide open and rubbish was scattered all over the road and pavement, but what he had got for himself was a banana. He gobbled up the banana, but left the skin. That, I thought was unusual because gulls normally scoff anything that might look edible. However, that gull had given me the answer to my mates question – i.e. the thing seagulls and humans have in common is that neither species eat banana skins! Got him good and proper.

When I told him my answer to his question, he said, ‘Wrong’. I said ‘Right’. He said, ‘The thing we both have in common is that neither the gulls nor the humans can teleport.’ The word ‘twat’ came to mind.

Given my heat induced absence of creativity I thought I’d give an older number another outing. I blogged it before, a long time back. It’s a longish lyric themed around the relationships and interaction between a fictional group of musicians busking in Berlin, hence the title, BUSKING IN BERLIN. Here it is, along with the opening few words;

Storm clouds on the horizon

No red sky tonight

The wind blows away the magic

Of a starry, starry night


Melissa cries for Candy

Candy dreams of John

John is suicidal

On how it all went wrong?


Larry plays the old guitar

Kate the mandolin

And Finn plays the accordion

They’re busking in Berlin


It’s a game of names and fortunes

A game played out in time

A game of life that ends in death

A mountain we must climb…


By the way, any poets out there who might want a poem put to song, then to find out how to contact me and learn more about this product, click here YOUR POETRY TO SONG

A new number, ‘A Trick of the Light’, from one of my favourite artists, The Villagers. Weird and excellent was ever;

The Villagers aside – Copyright © 2014 the song/2018 the rest, Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

19 thoughts on “CLOUDS & TELEPORTATION”

  1. Fascinating clouds. Hope you get rain , Lord Zoolon . Can’t you just go on to the moors and write.
    The lyrics of Busking flow effortlessly. Well, heat or cold , your creativity knows no bounds.


    1. Thanks, Lady Yasmin. Sadly, if I took pen and paper to the moors I’d never be able to read what I wrote. Not only is my handwriting rubbish, but also being dyslexic I can’t write a thing without a spellcheck – that’s true, that is.


      1. That is the beauty of creativity , making art out of chaos , making art out of not being able to make it.
        That in my opinion is what genius is about and that is you, Lord Zoolon.
        Oh and every


    1. Thanks. He was once checking Google Earth for directions to a place he needed to get to. It wasn’t that far away. He hasn’t got a car so I simply said, ‘are you walking or riding your bike there?’ – he replied he was catching a bus. He hadn’t realised that when travelling from A to B by bus, Google Earth is not relevant. That’s how stupid he is!


  2. ‘How many times am I allowed to drive round a roundabout?’
    I like the sound of your mate. Made me laugh out loud!


    1. Thanks, Kathy. I’ve always lived by the sea – brought up in Dartmouth, Devon now in the South East in Kent. I love seagulls – humans are the problem.


  3. Your friend is so much fun. Once I couldn’t figure out which exit to take and I drove around the roundabout four times. I get lost and embarrass myself quite often.
    So, seagulls and humans have two things in common. Neat 🙂


    1. He’s fun in a sort of annoying way. When he’s on a roll with a subject he just can’t bring himself to let go. It can grind down the listener, that can!


  4. Ah, this lyric’s got a very Peter Gabriel-ee sense to it, so of course I dig it. 🙂 As for your mate, he reminds me of my sons–they’d have an answer just like that.
    I can’t blame him for his question about roundabouts, though–they’re still relatively new in the States, so any time I have to deal with one to enter/exit the highway I freak out. 🙂 Newfangled light-less constructions! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    1. I’m a great fan of Peter Gabriel as well. I wrote this number the week Lou Reed died. I was still at uni at the time, and it sort of gelled as a project. I can’t do Lou Reed but the title of his album ‘Berlin’ came to mind so I thought I’d work with that; mix a few different characters in like Reed did and see what the result was. ‘Roundabouts Are Relatively New in The States’ – book title?


    1. I promise you really wouldn’t want that friend. He’s talking about sending the world’s plastic waste to Jupiter using a solar panel driven ethical canvass tent when I last spoke to him.


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