kearsney4‘Prying Eyes’

(if I had been ready a second earlier taking this pic I’d have captured the swans kissing)

100% true.  So, the sun’s out and I’m thinking photographs. I drive out to a place called Kearsney Abbey even though it never was an abbey, just a massive grand old country house that fell apart. I park up, thinking the lake looked a good starting place to take some pics. I’m on my way there when three girls walking the opposite way pass me. I overhear one – she’s wearing a sleeveless t-shirt – say to her mates, “Oh my God, I forgot to trim my pits.” The word, ‘trim’ glued itself to my right ear. ‘Trim’? Did I hear that right? I did.  ‘Shave’, maybe even ‘plait’ at a pinch, but ‘trim’?  What was that all about?  Each to their own I guess.

kearsney2‘Summertime Shadows’

Anyhow, a song in the making – I hope. It’s just in simple verse form right now and for reasons unknown it got darker as the metaphoric ink ran dry. After some playing around with the words it might just find itself a home one day.


A Queen of Hearts, she’s out of it

In the slot machine arcade

The Ace of Spades, he pays the price

Just for getting laid

They dance a death wish tango

To Pan’s solo guitar

Under the fading white light

Of a faraway dying star

The Pan, he’s hiding out in clouds

Not a blessing, more a curse

Oblivious to the Lost Boys news

That things might just get worse

He’s still hanging out in Neverland

Where staying young doesn’t come with any guarantee

And where chasing dreams is just chasing dreams

‘Pan, pay the ferryman, he’ll set you free’

I’ll close this post with a new song, ‘What Remains’. It’s track 4 from my new EP ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland’. I hope you enjoy;

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26 thoughts on “NEVERLAND & THE FERRYMAN”

  1. Those lyrics are like a Martin Scorsese screenplay , Lord Zoolon. Very cinematic. The pics are awesome. Love the way their necks are arched , so graceful. You captured them well ! The shadows look mighty ethereal !
    I think you are on a roll , Lord Zoolon.


    1. Thank you, Lady Yasmin. If only I was ready to take the pic that one second earlier. The swans were beak to beak kissing. That would have made the best photograph I’d taken in a long time.


      1. Your welcome, Lord Zoolon.
        But I still think it’s an awesome picture. Very aesthetic. Well, never mind, you may get a much better one next time. You never know !


  2. Absolutely delish lyrics. I know the frustration of what-ifs photos, but the slightly off-center composition and the incomplete heart-shaped pair of necks and heads lend a verisimilitude to a life-moment. The other way you described, to me at least, almost too too perfect. I had a longtime rule when plus-x and tri-x and even the color film was in vogue: shoot 300 frames, hope for 30 usable and 3 stunning and maybe – if your are lucky and you did not notice the back- mid- or fore-ground and paid not attention whatsoever to manipulated composition you get a freakin’ masterpiece.


    1. Sorry to be so late getting back to you. Photography, I enjoy. But your right, to get that one decent shot when outside in the real world is the hardest thing. Planning a still piece is easy compared to nature. We forever try.


      1. I’m unsure I so wrote this near your perch, but I shall repeat. My old film – vice digital – rule of picture-making: Shoot 300 frames, get 30 usable, 10 pleasing and as many as 3 stunning and you have done a day’s job of joy! Oft’times the best ones come out of unnoticed bits of brilliance as to make belief in otherwheresies fully justified.


      2. Agreed. Funnily enough I had some scenes gifted my way out of the blue the other day. I don’y often have that kind of luck with photography.


      3. As in ground warfare I once read and it applies to our mutual imagery capturing affliction: There Is A Quality in Quantity…or wounds to that affect (and effect as well).


      4. That sounds like the value all of the mistakes and occasional bad luck I make/get in my business dealings, but every now and then I get something right and earn a few quid.


      5. Like a prayer from The Pores: please, universe, spit on this poor chap carrying us around, willya? A little spittle of cold gold, iffitpleasesya?


    1. Thank you, Cathy. Especially for the hearing bit. Doing what I do means headphones on most times. As a result my ears are regularly syringed, as horrible that may sound! Thanks again ~ Zoolon aka George


  3. Trim…hmm. Yeah, that’s a new one. As a female who loathes shaving, I’m still going to choose shaving over trimming, blech….Anyway. Lyrics are beautifully tragic, of course. I imagine a solo piano for this, something low key… something that stays out of sight in the alley while the vocals dance just outside the streetlamp’s reach…


    1. This possible lyric did go dark on me. I get called The Pan a lot because I refuse to be the standard adult. I think my words here weren’t doing my cause much justice. I need to edit and expand the words. Piano sounds good; no percussion.


  4. Delicious alluring lyrics !!!
    Liked it , especially these lines : A Queen of Hearts, she’s out of it in the slot machine arcade
    Keep sharing 💜


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