pigeons coverCover Art by Zoolon

Zoolon’s brand new five track EP was released earlier today.

For this collection of mixed genre songs, I have brought together three lyrical pieces, an instrumental as well as a piece of pure sound art, the latter being the title track, ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland’. There’s a long story behind that title I’ll share one day.

The opening track ‘Tick Tock’ is a song primarily about violence. It’s followed by my reflective tribute song ‘Francesca’ named after the sublime photographic artist Francesca Woodman who committed suicide in the winter of 1981, aged just 22 years. Her tribute continues with the instrumental ‘Eastside 1981’, a eulogy. ‘What Remains’ is a number about life in general. Lastly, ‘The Pigeons Are Switzerland’, echoes in ‘sound art’ the concept of neutrality.

You can listen to, or buy the easy to download EP at Bandcamp. Included in the download is a PNG file of the lyrics. Enjoy ~ Zoolon

Also, for a heavily discounted price you can buy – if the idea appeals to you – my whole discography from Bandcamp at ZOOLON’S DISCOGRAPHY

Pigeons Are Switzerland coverReverse Cover Art by Zoolon

Copyright © 2018 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.



  1. Lots of fun play with rhythms here, a perfect complement to the lyric. And there’s something on point and sad about the word “silhouette”–the fakeness and hollowness implied with that word just nails this lyric. I tip my hat to you, George, and congrats once more on your newest creation!


    1. Thanks once more. I was talking the other day to someone re Tick Tock and mentioned I’d have liked to have made an alternative recording of the same song except for version two I’d use girl backing singers. I can see how it would work out in my head. I might do that one day, even though my ‘mission statement’ reads that I do the whole thing myself when it comes to music and sound art.


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