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‘One Day Soon’ by Zoolon

For once, body pong levels and smelly breath weren’t too bad in the queue at the post office yesterday even though it was a hot day. Maybe my own breath wasn’t too good as I’ve been adding a lot of garlic to my mushroom cooking. Worrying, as I’m addicted to mushrooms.

However, I messed up my envelopes putting my address as the recipients and theirs as the return address. No idea why that happened. But thankfully the unhinged woman at the counter wearing a constant perma frown that could make small children and grown men weep uncontrollably noticed my mistake. I think she’s getting used to me messing up.  Anyway, she said, “It’s about time you got it right” adding, “I’ll do it just this once” then she made me new packages. Very kind of her. I thanked her and was about to leave then an instant random thought arrived.  She’d said, “It’s about ‘time’” I, “…got it ‘right’”.  I latched onto that – ‘Time’, time itself! So, what she was really telling me was that there was no error on my part and that it was all to do with ‘time’ being on my side. Big concept and at least, if she’s right – and I think she is – then it didn’t mess up at all. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Staying on the subject of mushrooms, that dimwit mate of mine I’ve written about recently came out with another weird statement the other day. He said, “I wouldn’t eat mushrooms if I were you.” I asked why he said that, all the time me getting worried that he might come out with some scary story of how they could damage my health. I was relieved when he answered, “Because if I were you it would be impossible for me to eat mushrooms because I don’t like them to start with.” Phew.

I’ll be away from the blog for a week or so any day now, so if I miss a few of your posts while travelling around I’m apologizing in advance.

In the meantime, a song. It’s from a while back and it’s called ‘Liquid Truth’.  It’s a demo and below is the lyric. I hope you like it. 

LIQUID TRUTH (the lyric)

Never nearly always means forever (x 6)


All my bridges burnt

No sparkle in the stars

No redness in the sunset

Just the sad song of guitars


You have a version of the truth I can’t believe

You’re all wrapped up in lies I’ve got to leave

You tell liquid truth from behind those eyes

You hide it well behind indifferent sighs


“How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’!”*

And never always nearly always means for ever (x 8)


Don’t expect to be loved If you hate yourself

You’ll find it’s no good for your health

All I seek is to live by the truth

If I do not move on I’ll surely lose


Never nearly always means forever (x 6)

When will all the pieces come together

And if I don’t like the picture am I stuck with it forever 

*Martin Luther quote

A bit of video fun? Why not. Basically this is a more visually pleasing development of the sounds created in the Drum Sticks video I posted recently. Using a random ping pong ball and an ancient Indian brass dish. Once more, all the sounds in this video (synths and bass included) are directly manipulated from the hits you see me make with the ping pong ball upon the dish.

Copyright © 2012 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

29 thoughts on “‘TIME ITSELF’ & MUSHROOMS”

    1. It’s an old one I need to re-record. Thanks for the Yardbirds comparison – only only wish I could dig deep like Jeff Beck. He’s one of the few I studied who qualified as genius in my my mind.


      1. With guitars sometimes rough is good! Agree about Jeff Beck, if you haven’t already, check out “live at Ronnie Scott’s “


  1. Past mastery of absurd insights whilst pushing garlicked musrooms as breath (but I added bacon to the cauldron – both streaky and lean and both rendered and 1 great raw hunk – though I did not think to trek Delphishly to the post. Damn! That’s why I wrote of gummed shoes forcing me to sit a whirling stool at my local hole for watering souls and soles…the toilets here (water closets I suppose elsewhere otherside pondishly) actually have tested cleaner (bacteriologically) that water fountains: so I flushed thrice and ran a happy Swiss Army blade down the shank of sole and thus cleaned the shodding and refolded the knife after an obligatory wipe. Next time I shall so do at the downtown post office which is too sterile and unfilled with such solid advice. My you return as well as you wish. I have loads unread and little time so I doubt ever I shall empty your bucket of joy.


    1. Swiss Army blade! I’m off travelling for a week or so and I knew there was something I’d forgotten. My trusty Swiss Army knife. Vital. Thanks for the reminder.


      1. The Am-Track (gvt-subsidized passenger train from Miami-to-New York City (and beyond) never checked my person – just my bags – and I never felt fully dressed without at least one or two S-A cutlery on my person – not to mention the P-38 (“John Wayne”) C-Ration finger-fired can opener which also serves as both Phillips-head and flat-head screwdriver and fingernail cleaner. What modern un-mockeried man may venture forth without his “blade?” See you(r posts) when you get back. Safe and profitable trip, George!


  2. Great song! I enjoyed your story of the post office as well. What if random strangers were giving us coded messages with esoteric scope all the time?


  3. Ugh, life got too late last night with Blondie’s closing services, but I WILL share your song with Blondie today! Dig the defiance of the electric guitar here. The layering of voices also gives the song a feel of time’s infinity loop. How on earth did you come across that Martin Luther quote?


    1. I’m across the water into Belgium now. Hopefully Blondie likes the song when she hears it. Believe it or not I studied Philosophy and Religious Ethics up until I was 18!


      1. You did?! What on earth pulled you in and out of that?
        Blondie and I just finished listening to your song. We wrote some comments on Soundcloud, but here I’ll share this from her: “Thank you for the song! Me and my mom really liked it.” Truth. 🙂 We both dug the ups and downs of the solo guitar melody, the ups being Blondie’s favorite. Thanks for helping her birthday celebration end on a musical note. After a weekend roasting our butts off in mosquito-addled woods, a fun song from you was the perfect homecoming present. 🙂 xxxxxxxxx


      2. Right now I’m a dyslexic on a tablet in Belgium so forgive any spelling mistakes. I am so pleased Blondie likes her song. So good. I’ll check SoundCloud. I studied Philosophy and Religious Ethics because I needed a third subject. I quite enjoyed it, although italways seemed to me that the philosopher’s were making their argument for the end result they wanted. Aristotle was OK. It’s so hot here and my allergies are on top form! I saw my first eagle today. Big moment.



      3. Your first eagle, neat! We actually have two–TWO–bald eagles hiding in the farmland outside of town. It’s pretty rare for bald eagles to come this far south in Wisconsin. Later this summer we go up (with in-laws, sigh) to Eagle River, where, yes, there are quite a few more. 🙂 What kind of eagle did you see?
        Yes, humans do like making the logic fit their end result. Too many religious folk like doing that too.
        Well then, some day I’ll have to pick your brain on matters intangible and ethereal. Until then, survive the heat and hello to your family! Don’t let your father do ANY peculiar projects in those temperatures. No more falling down on hard surfaces for him! 🙂 xxxxxxxxx


      4. I’m not sure about the eagle. It was twice the size of a UK buzzard! I’m using a horrible tablet – not dyslexic friendly at the moment so I’LL get back properly when back home at the weekend. It’s doing my brain in. The old man is well drinking wine and reading the new Nesbo!


    1. Thanks, Christy. I really must make time to re-record that track. I know I put myself down a lot – I hate boasting type people – but this one is often on my mind in terms of making a demo real.


  4. Marvelous post, Zoolon. I had to chuckle about the post office.
    The lyrics are beautiful. “Just the sad song of guitars” struck me, because I think the guitar can evoke more emotion than any other instrument.
    Have a good weekend. Hugs.


    1. Thank you, Teagan. You’re right. The guitar, acoustic and/or electric can evoke all sorts of stuff. Sometimes the fiddle or the mandolin do the same, maybe on a narrower lane of emotions. Thanks again for listening. ~George


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