‘Tracey the Seagull’ by Zoolon

I met Tracey last week when I was crossing the Channel from Dover to Calais on the way to Dunkirk. When she posed for this photo I had no idea just what a freeloader seagull she was. After the photoshoot, outward bound, just outside of Dover Harbour, Tracey had a bit of a think then had a casual catwalk glide across to the sunny side of the ship and found a spot on the deck rail out of the way of, but still in sight of, human passengers on board. It was there she got herself sat down comfortably and didn’t move a muscle, taking in the rays, until we reached the Port of Calais where she joined Francois the Gull and his pals on a croissant hunt. What a life.

Anyway, I think a memory stick found in a drawer is the modern-day version of dusty old suitcase found in an attic. You take a look inside and find stuff you’d totally forgotten about. I found this, a thing I wrote in 2013 when I was living in a house close to a pebble beach in a road called Canada Road. I forgot I’d ever written it.


It’s a shame there’s no trees down on Canada Road

Got no autumn leaves down on Canada Road

You’ll hear the ghosts of Marines, in their infantry greens

Marching to a band down on Canada Road


A young mum pushes a pram down on Canada Road

Her mobile glued to her ear down on Canada Road

The bloke up the ladder, he couldn’t look sadder

Clearing out guttering’s on Canada Road


On Canada Road I see an old man

Outside the chemists, some pills in his hand

He’s swearing at a biker, he thinks Arsenal need a new striker

Down on Canada Road


You can’t be invisible down on Canada Road

Eyes peek from behind curtains on Canada Road

Sally Army and Mormons and some pissed up morons

Doing their thing down on Canada Road


Get salty storms down on Canada Road

You can’t beat the sea breeze down on Canada Road

Except when it blows from the East, it’s one mother of a beast

They say Julius Caesar invaded England down Canada Road


I’m down on my knees down on Canada Road

There’s just you and me down on Canada Road

And some blokes digging holes, stuffing ham and cheese rolls

Repairing a gas leak down Canada Road


It’s a shame there’s no trees down on Canada Road

Got no autumn leaves down on Canada Road


Time for some music. ‘Silent Films’ from my Rainbows End album. Hope you enjoy;

To liven things up a bit, here’s Marina & The Diamonds and their song, ‘Hollywood’. I understand she’s in the studio recording a new album right now.

My albums on sale at Bandcamp;

Apart from Marina – Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.



  1. JGC, ‘Tracey the Seagull’ is a fantastic photo, beautiful bird. ‘NO AUTUMN LEAVES’, is a brilliant lyric, a tribute to Canada Road, its history, past and present. Thank goodness for the memory stick, I’m glad you found this one, maybe it will find its way to the ‘to do’ list. Are all the trees in Joni’s tree museum? ‘Silent Films’ is lovely and so sad, trying to hold on to every scene. Ha, perfectly paired with your post, Marina & The Diamonds’, ‘Hollywood’, so true about the infection, love the commentary. Have a WW. ~ PM


    1. Thanks, PM. It was odd living on a road of new build neo-Georgian houses without any trees. The new houses had been built on and around the site of the old Royal Marine Band HQ. It got blown up by the IRA years ago killing a lot of marine muscians. A little corner was set aside in their memory. It counts as the strangest road I’ve lived on, even though it didn’t look that strange. I’m waiting for Marina’s new album. It shouldn’t be that long now and I’m running the risk of playing Lola Marsh to death. ‘She’s a Rainbow’ in particular. Have a great day ~JGC


      1. You’re welcome, JGC. No trees seems odd, maybe it was part of the plan and design for the neo-Georgian environment. Enjoy, ‘She’s a Rainbow’. Thank you, you too, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. ~ PM


    1. Thanks, Sue. I haven’t done a gig for a while now. I’m locked in a studio most days composing/recording the new album but if I ever get the chance I’ll be there.


  2. Wonderful poem Canada Road. Love the beat of your repetition. About the seagull – talk about dusty memories in 1972 I crossed the Channel from Dover to Calais. On a Hovercraft no less. But no seagulls were on board.


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