deal master‘Don’t Shoot’ by Zoolon

As per usual I wanted to open up this post with something arguably funny. A story of real life type funny. It’s just that, for me, funny has to be put on the back-burner in these days of depressive politics and cruelty home and away. The crumbling state of humans/humanity has done my head in. At least I got to walk a neighbour’s new puppy. She’s a cute little thing by the name of Narla, without a care in the world. I was jealous. She does jump up a bit, as my current high-pitched voice and abnormal limp can verify.


No words of torture

When you’re frozen out

Blank faced assassins

Leave no doubt


A leper’s bell

You choose not to hear

Too busy practising

Your perfect sneer


I’m kicking on stones

Pavement side

Conflict and apathy



So many games

Just one sport

Steal my thunder

Cut me short


Do I care?

‘Course I do

Starve the busker

Enjoy the view


Ignored epics

Locked tight doors

So still the silence

No applause


You want a refund

I hear you say

I don’t carry cash

How can I pay?


I’ll tell you what

You ‘big mouths’ can do

Let false hopes lies

Be the death of you


Staying with this theme an old song of mine, ‘The Outbound Road from Hell’. Hope you enjoy;

Finally, something really special – subjective I know, but it works for me. I’d not heard of Kate until I nicked/borrowed her album from under my old man’s nose. It’s from Kate Tempest’s ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’, a song called ‘Europe Is Lost’. This is the Official Video for the song. What I also like about it is that it’s a fan made video. Hang in there and marvel.

My Dream Rescuer & Rainbows End albums are for sale at Bandcamp;

Except for Kate Tempest, Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

37 thoughts on “THE WEIRDLY DIVINE KATE”

  1. As per, George, you gift a screen – and I presume paper before – with well-wrought (should have used crafted but I’s hooked on W’s this unworn morn) with your self in words. I will have to pass on Kate’s tune(s) until I find a ‘plug or ‘phone that phits this library ‘puter so I don’t scare the sleeping denizens more than usual…and, yes, I did broach a cackle or three over quatrains you scrit. My best to you and the glad man from whom you swipe.


    1. Thanks. If you get a chance try and listen to Kate’s other stuff. On her album she kicks off with spoken prose regarding a woman who is always awake a 4.18am, then Kate slips into her poem type song and lets it build. Unique presentation.


      1. I shall look it up and make an acquire. Thanks, George. I prefer whenever possible – and coin available – to pay for artists’ work. I hate – just detest – that I wake most usually in the early 4 hay hem hour most days as well…my sleeping mind must hear the newspaper delivery vehicle – when did bicycles and teens fall prey to that time-honored way to lose school-night sleep? – swinging its headlamps across my curtained room of repose. That, or just to visit the chamber pot for a small deposit. Or scribble verse or musings which insist I wake, find a windup one-cell sidewinder ling and notebook with pen already on a blank page and ask “are others so similary cursed? Or, cured? Sent Kate’s notice in you wonderful posting both to FB and The Birdcage.


  2. JGC, ‘Don’t Shoot’ is a fantastic photo and quite relevant. I wonder if the ongoing (worldwide) state of affairs is an intentional effort by the powers that be to make tragedies mundane, eroding our sensibilities so much so that we are desensitized becoming numb, blind and powerless to, “the crumbling state of humans/humanity’. Your lyric, ‘THE OVERLOOKED’, captures the now, sadly and perfectly. ‘The Outbound Road from Hell’, is terrific. The road to hell is no longer paved with good intentions, the opposite it appears. Kate Tempest is much needed in a world that’s fixed by apathy, she’s another beautiful voice in a sea of the absurd. May the rest of your Friday be good. ~ PM


    1. Thanks, PM. As long as some of us are immune to lies and false, false news there is a bit of hope. Not much, but a bit is better than nothing. Kate Tempest’s album is amazing. Between each track, sometimes as an intro to a track she speaks prose about a group of people living close by to each other in London, who don’t know each other but for some reason they are all awake at 4.18AM in the morning. This album is pure art. Amazingly clever. It’s a pity those 4.18AM bits aren’t on the YouTube vids. Enjoy your Saturday, PM ~ JGC


      1. JGC, you’re welcome. Thank you for the introduction to Kate Tempest’s work. I spent some time listening/watching to more of her YouTubes and reading up on her as well. She is fabulously talented and I did hear the mention of 4:18 in the morning on several of the tracks, brilliant way to ties things together and draw attention to her words. Thank you, I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday as well. ~ PM


    1. I was playing around with ‘following’; twitter etc. but no joy. I’ll gladly follow – just let me know how. Can’t see the WP follow and on other media it just takes me to my own site. Let me know and I’m in. Regards ~ Zoolon aka George


  3. Always a unique moment, when the music of the elders appeals to us. For all my ragging of that dreadful prog rock group Renaissance, I’ll never delete them from Dad’s computer. It’s a part of him I can still hear, when I’m able. x


  4. It’s hard to keep one’s head and heart positive in these crazy days. I find getting up at 4 a.m. and sitting with a low light and just soaking in the silence is a very positive thing for my writing and for creating a bubble to protect me from the world at least for a couple of hours of positive thought in the “Backside of the Night”! (you might like that for a title? see my post by that name).

    Really enjoyed your post!!!


    1. Thanks. I can sleep through alarms so 4am is not for me. I wish it was. I’ll check out ‘Backside of Night’ it sounds better than ‘Arse of a Day’ by miles.


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