‘Chasing the Sun’ by Zoolon

I oiled the creaky hinges to the door into the eaves of my attic studio today and for the first time understood why the Tin Man out of The Wizard of Oz had such an addiction to oil.

Saturday morning, I woke up to a curtain of snowflakes charging horizontally across my eyeline. They were carried along on a storm called, ‘The Mini Beast from the East’.  I tried writing a lyric about it, but no joy. Snow = right mood orchestral or surreal sound art. The thing is I had some words in my head. I’m a songwriter, not a poet but this time settled on just words with no melody to hide behind. 


Carried on the east wind

That freezing cold easterly

Cocky springtime overlooked

Silent snowflakes as noisy starlings

A murmuration of cloud shavings

Whirling white, swooping, nosediving

United, they put on the gig of all gigs

Hypnotizing a frosty festival audience

Magic to the eyes of small people 

Time for some music, an instrumental, ‘Bread & Jam’ I wrote just to have a bit of fun with a guitar. I hope you enjoy;

One from Emmy the Great. This number has the title ‘Easter Parade’. Its from her ‘First Love’ album. Again, I hope you enjoy. She’s magic and writes great lyrics;

Apart from Emmy the Great, Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

31 thoughts on “THE TIN MAN, SNOWFLAKES & A POEM”

    1. Emmy the Great is special. English folk music at its best. Usually I hate folk music as its singing through the nose – well English folk music is.


      1. I’m glad you like Emmy. She was one of the vocalists with Noah & The Whale. The other girl vocalist with the band was Laura Marling who quit after her affair with Charlie Fink went wrong. She’s brilliant as well. Her album ‘I Speak Because I Can’ was about their break up. Charlie Fink replied to her through ‘The First Days of Spring’ Noah & The Whale album. Both albums are the best work either of them did before or since.


  1. George, your poem is brilliant. I love your take on snowflakes as starlings, “A murmuration of cloud shavings”, that’s such a great line, a bit envious here. You’ve painted a beautiful scene, definitely, “the gig of all gigs”. “Chasing the Sun” is a fabulous photo, what a terrific composition, as is ‘Bread & Jam’. Super post, a wonderful presentation. Please enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. ~ Mia


    1. Thank you, Mia. When I lived in the West Country murmurations of starlings were taken for granted. They are beautiful like black snowflakes in a peaceful riot. I don’t know what other countries get them but if you haven’t seen them doing their stuff, here they are;
      I’m glad you like the photo. Most people don’t see the trees. Enjoy your day, PM


  2. Love the personification. Cocky springtime , silent snowflakes , murmaration of cloud shavings , I so got a visual of that.
    It’s a very peppy verse. So much verve.
    Thank you , Lord Zoolon. We are indebted to you for writin this.


  3. A bit of cocky guitar is never a bad thing–a confident swagger that tells the opposition to just piss off and let me finish my pint. 🙂

    Some lovely lines in your lyric. ‘Cloud shavings’ has to be my favorite, like God’s carving up there. Wonder when He’ll sweep up His mess…


    1. Thank you. Sometimes, most times I write a lyric quick then adapt it to song as I go along. These words didn’t come naturally. I had to work at it. I’m hoping the cocky guitar stays with me and sounds OK on the metal tracks I’ve been recording. Plus, I hope my voice is up to the job.


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