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A photo I took last year called ‘No Parking’

I’m on thin ice with this. I’m only posting it because what happened made me laugh at the time. It concerns my father who also blogs on WP, hence the ‘thin ice’.

A while back the old man damaged his left eye. He never got it checked out. It wasn’t getting any better so finally he had it looked at.  Aside from anything else they told him he needed new distance and reading glasses.  He had a problem with the new readers.  I did notice the lenses were seriously thick. That prompted me to say, “You must have fantastic eyesight to see through those’.  After pointing out that my line wasn’t original he added, “I suppose they do look like they’ve been made out of Foxes Glacier Mints.”


So, I bump into him just as he’s about to walk down town to the optician to complain about the new readers. I said I’d give him a lift. He’s not good in shops. When we get there the girl on the counter asks him what the problem is. At this point I need to add that his attempts at dry wit is usually lost on people who don’t know him. Anyway, he tells her that the reading glasses only work at a distance of “exactly half of one inch” from his face to the extent that although the words he sees are crystal clear “like words have never been so crystal clear before” he can’t read his newspaper because his nose gets in the way and – this is as close as I can get to word for word – “Do you realize these wretched spectacles transform me into a human microscope and by way of an additional nonessential supernatural power, I can now see the fine detail of molecules and bacteria? My only worth in life is to travel to Salisbury and utilize my newfound powers helping out the security services discover minute fragments of the alleged Russian nerve agent.”  She looks blank as in ‘what the f**k is he on about’ as she’s hasn’t a clue, so she just says, “You what?” That’s when I burst out laughing and she gives me the evils thinking I’m laughing at her. I should have explained I was laughing at him but thought that that would only make it more complicated than it was.

Time for some music. ‘A Tale Still in The Telling’ (demo version, slower, weirder than the original but one where I gave the electric guitar an outing) from a while back. Hope you like it;


I’m a tale still in the telling

Your book, your book is almost read

My journey isn’t over yet

You think, you think that you’re ahead


All there is, is what you see

You’ve got, you’ve got nothing to explore

You watch, you watch your world pass you by

Never thinking there could be more


You’ll never count the stars

Fly a spaceship to Mars

But I’m going to make it all the way


I’m a tale still in the telling

I’m leaving you for dead

If you feel like buying some new music my Dream Rescuer and Rainbows End albums can be purchased via the links below;

‘Take Still in The Telling’ Copyright © 2012 & Copyright © 2017 the photo, both Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.



  1. JGC, this has to be one of my favorite photos of yours, really terrific. Your father’s humor is priceless, too bad it wasn’t appreciated by the girl on the counter. Hope he’s able to rectify the readers, so he can give his ‘nonessential supernatural power’. Wonderful demo. Enjoy your weekend. ~ PM


    1. Thanks, PM. I was just listening to the demo again and remembered when I recorded it my dust allergies were at work. Bit of it sound like I’m singing through my nose. The memory made me laugh. Odd. Have a great weekend. JGC


  2. Oh, George, our dads would have got on really well. My dad was often prone to using bizarre character voices with a straight face whenever out and about. Lyric’s nice, too–curious about this narrator. I feel like there’s a lot of conflict between the “I” and the “you” that breathes into this song…


    1. Thank you. This was another song from the Allegory of The Cave concept album. It covered the bit where the prisoner had left the cave and seen the outside world. So, he goes back to tell the other prisoners that outside the cave there’s a whole new world. The others don’t believe him. The cave is all they ever known I they think he’s lying or mad. I think this is the bit the religious philosophers liked to use as a metaphor for there being more than just what we see. Anyway, that’s why I have the ‘I’ and ‘you’ bits in there. Eventually the prisoner leaves his mates be and returns to the new world outside, leaving them ‘for dead’. Well, that was my take on it. The singing was a bit off on this because I was suffering from my dust allergy but had a deadline to meet.


      1. Hey, a little grit in the voice doesn’t hurt. When I saw The Who live (well, Pete and Roger, considering the other two shed their mortal coils a while back), Pete Townshend was getting over some sort of cold. It added a really cool gravel sound to his voice on the couple numbers he sang. Of course, I can only imagine how he sounded the next day…


      2. My dust allergy is a real curse. I’m working on metal at the moment and meant to be doing the vocals. Dust allergy kicked in. Nuisance.


      3. And I dig this deeper conflict. Breaking out–free–can be so, so frightening to some that they cannot handle it, no matter what literal hell they’re in.


      1. I’ll have to check out Viv Stanshall. He sounds interesting. If you think he’s – dad that is – is bemusing, my mother is even more bemusing. She’s a mad gardener who talks to blades of grass, bees and ornaments! I’ll show her your blog. I think she’ll like it.


      2. I’m guessing that is a TV. I shall check it out. It’s so cold today, outside is not a runner so this sounds good. I hope it’s streaming.


  3. I love the humor in the title of the photo and the description of your father coming to terms with his new reading glasses. I recently learned that my son thought I was “odd” because I was different from his friend’s mothers. I asked and he told me a story. Priceless relationships between grown children and parents.


  4. “Never thinking there could be more” – haunting almost the way your voice drifts across this music track. I like it though! As for the glasses story, my mom could relate as she’s been trying to get the “best” prescription for her contacts a few times now, back and forth to the optometrist… Frustrating! I would have laughed too at your dad’s description 😉


    1. Thank you, Christy. I think, as the old allegory goes, there is always ‘more’. It just depends upon which way you’re looking. Plus, my whole family are ‘odd’.


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