(a photo I took of the Rebel’s ‘This Way, That Way’ sign a couple of weeks ago)


Episode V


A long, long time ago

far, far away, quite near the cliff edge

just off Folkestone High Street it was a period of civil war

Under the leadership of Daft Tom Tom

The Satnav Empire were hell bent on making

all the crap old Road Directions Signs redundant forever more

The ‘Direction Signs’ Rebels, led by Princess Roadmapeah

were fighting back. Armed with just a few ‘THAT WAY, THIS WAY SIGNS’

their aim was to undermine The Satnav Empire by confusing all Satnav users

thus buying themselves a little time to organize the fight back that might save the day

The only problem with this plan devised by The Rebel’s own young Luke Bicycle Lane Walker?

It’s a load of rubbish!

Enough of that. Time for some music. This one is called ‘Hooked’ and it’s from the new album. I hope you enjoy;

Also, Zoolon has had a great review on Bandcamp for the Rainbows End album; 

“‘Rainbows End’ follows in step with Zoolon’s album, ‘Dream Rescuer’ having a marvelous kaleidoscope of sound. It’s a beautiful blend of music, each track flows brilliantly into the next. The album captures the surreal nature of the past, present and future. While the lyrics are subtle they’re emotionally charged and quite powerful, begging us to look at love and loss of both the person and the planet. Highly recommended. Favorite track: All Winter Long.”

Here’s the link to Bandcamp if you feel like adding the Rainbows End album to your music collection;

17 thoughts on “DIRECTION WARS”

  1. Ah dear old Tom Tom. Our last house had an inaccessible lane out the front. Just minding how that awful winter where the snow lay for weeks a taxi driver on their first night in the job was guided by Tom Tom to go along that lane. It required the services of a tow truck to get them out. Anyway, fab review. Well deserved and fab track x


      1. It was a woman driver… ahem What she really needed was to just park on the sodding street like any other person and not turn down this hill that has never ever been surfaced just cos it said Braeside Road. The best bit about where we used to live there were hardly any sodding street signs. those that existed were on extinct streets.


  2. Hooked- So full of light hearted whisks in the mainstream beats, it actually made me smile and feel chipper. Thank you for that!!!


  3. Great shot George, I have to smile at the language nuance, we would not be allowed to put up a “no begging” sign…we like to use the term “loitering” . Have a wonderful day.


  4. Ah, the Star Warsiousness! Thou dost speak to my inner scifi nerd. 🙂 Speaking of, this is a fun change-up as far as your style goes. You’ve almost got a pop thing going on here, but your vocal grounds things just enough to keep the bubble gum from getting stuck everywhere. Excellent! xxxxxxxxx


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