(the artist looks to be Olbingski – I think)

Since ‘Zoolon’ being on social media I’ve had quite a few requests from people asking if ‘ERASING THE 38TH’ is available to download. I’ve never included it in any of my albums previously. I’ve posted the song on this blog before so some of you will know it already.

It’s an experimental song and it deals with the potential for another stupid war in as surreal a style as I could make it.  At the time I composed it that potential was just flexing its muscles a bit. Right now, that potential has grown like a cancer. In this season of traditional worldwide goodwill hopefully the subliminal effect will be that that same potential will at least go into remission.

As of now the song is available to download from my Soundcloud for FREE; no strings attached. All you have to do is simply go to the link below, hit the ‘More’ button (it’s next to ‘Share’ button) and on the drop box you’ll see ‘Download’. Hit that and it’s done. I hope you enjoy.

Finally, whatever your code, creed or take on all things, I wish everyone of you a



Should anyone need to get a partner or friend a last-minute gift, below is the link to my new album ‘Rainbows End’ on Bandcamp. It’s just got its first great review there. You can listen before you buy. It costs £4 (or equivalent in other currencies) and can be gifted via the recipient’s email address.

Copyright © 2017 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.



      1. We actually do not celebrate Christmas. We celebrate New Year. And anyway while it has many happy childhood memories, it lost its charm now that I understand more about life.


      1. I like snow and working as I do at a home studio I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to get to work. That means snow and I are good friends.


  1. Hi Zoolon I wanted to say happy Christmas to you and your loved ones, and I hope you personally have a very successful 2018, take care of yourself



      1. What a kind thing to say. The thing was I’d been putting of a geek spreadsheet for weeks and it had to be done when business was quiet. Next year maybe it might snow.


      2. Glad you were able to get it done…schedules can be so tedious, especially when it comes to geek stuff (just supposing here I know what it means to be a geek) hehe Hugs


      3. I think I created the geek spreadsheet of all geek spreadsheets ever made. It was for a business side step into Geekland proper. I can probably count myself a citizen there now. ‘Zoolon the Geek’ – delete that, street cred gone forever.


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