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There’s always something random, surreal even, to be seen if you keep your eyes open. I got up at silly o’clock yesterday to go the cinema to catch the new Star Wars movie. The older, large bloke behind me in the queue to buy tickets got himself a triple scoop strawberry ice cream cone…really! It was 7.30am. I got to wondering how he’d cope with it when the lights went out in the cinema. I needn’t have worried, he scoffed it in just the two major chomps on the way to the screening. Impressive in an unimpressive way. It reminded me that I’d forgotten to eat any breakfast, but I passed on the idea of ‘Ice Cream at Dawn’. Also yesterday, I found my rubbish handwritten notes of some ‘maybe lyric’ words I’d forgotten I wrote. It’s something I wrote two summers ago. I never did get around to a title.

There’s a carnival in the square tonight

Fireworks, a carousel

Clowns, a helter-skelter

A street market where the tortured buy and sell


From the window of a high-rise

We can watch the world go by

And from within our secret hideaway

We’ll watch a tired sun die


We can make up stories

Of what’s going down in the street

The punches and the kisses

The high-flown and deadbeat


Rest with me a minute

Watch the scene unfold

Stay a while, I’ll prove to you

All that’s precious isn’t gold


And all along the riverside

Where the lost and beaten lay

The flap of wings disturbs the quiet

Of the moon and stars at play

Time for some music. Here’s a song, All Winter Long, from my newly released album, ‘Rainbows End’. This one starts out acoustic then builds itself a whole new platform. I hope you like it;

Click here for ‘Rainbows End’ album link if you wish to just listen or buy 

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33 thoughts on “ALL WINTER LONG”

  1. Zoolon, your posts are aye brill. For a start I am wondering up here in frozen Scotland how you can wear a tee shirt in such weather down south. Then you have this brill line about the cone. It is nothing to the line that comes later about the carnival in the square tonight. But it does speak to me of all these folks you would see at airports at 4 am tucking into every kind of booze in a way. What I am really trying to say is this is a great post and I do love your music


    1. I couldn’t wear a tee shirt just now it’s freezing. That latest photo is 3 months old. It is disgusting what some people eat, probably worse they way they eat. The new Star Wars was worth it though.


      1. Sorry about that last reply. I got mixed up although I meant the ‘And you’ in reply to your ‘Have a nice day’. Sorry about that! George


      1. You are welcome…:-)
        and you can visit my blog too…;-), if you find something intrusting then Don’t Forget to follow my Blog…:-)
        Keep in touch…:-)


    1. Thanks Swapnil. You’re right and it’s great when you’re not out hunting for surreal things to happen – it’s always best when they creep up without an invite.


    1. I thought the movie was great. I’m guessing the story-line was basically a build setting out the new characters and developing the existing ones for the next chapter. The scenic stuff is filmed well. It was largely filmed in Ireland I think? I hope you enjoy it.


      1. Yes, it was filmed in the South- West of Ireland. I have never been to the Great Skellig island – 11 km by boat is not my idea of fun, but it would be an epic trip if I finally made up my mind 🙂


    1. Thank you. I think watching then thinking about anything – good, bad or boring -is what creativity is all about. It’s only when I forget to keep my eyes open that there’s nothing to compose to.


      1. Try listening to silence 😉. You might be amazed at the kind of music you can compose. Seriously. There is a language there altho not spoken. Many of my poetry came from moments of silence 😊


      2. The search for pure silence goes on. Even alone in a sealed padded box there is the sound of a pulse. With my stereo recorder I can capture any sound except silence.


      3. What can I say? In meditation, one has to practice ignoring the background noises and so I can listen to silence — or more like I am lulled into silence (not sleep, I dunno, coz I stay upright lol)


      4. Meditation has many forms…I believe for as long as you pour your heart into anything you do that is already a form of meditation. So since music is your thing then use it as the medium of expression. You are very good at it anyway. You can write and sing. A lot to be grateful for.


      5. That’s true, thank you. It would be handy if I wasn’t colourblind and dyslexic though. I tested myself designing the cover art for Rainbows End and wish I’d videoed the process. I’m told I got it right eventually.


      6. Oh success against the odds! That is the spirit…was it Keanu Reeves who is also dyslexic? I have poor eyesight since high school — not blind but I could get lost haha. Life compensates for whatever I believe. We need not be perfect coz, oh, the perfect die young 😂😂😂


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