rainbows end cover

Cover art ‘Not What I See’ by Zoolon

‘Rainbows End’, released today, is my second album following in the footsteps of ‘Dream Rescuer’ although this time I have added more percussive and the electric guitar elements. As ever, reflections of life, love and the surreal also play their part in the album’s construct. This album consists of a mix of 10 tracks, 8 original songs plus 2 meditative, ambient piano pieces.

Although, unlike most of the other songs on the album, the title track, ‘Rainbow’s End’ is an acoustic number, this song is about a subject that is important to me, namely Planet Earth and the damage humans are doing to the environment. I hope you like it;

The album is now on sale at Bandcamp for just £4 (or the equivalent in other currencies). The download comes with a lyric booklet included.

Click here for Rainbows End album link

If anyone checking out the new music on Bandcamp could find a little time to hitting the ‘Follow’ button it would be appreciated.

Zoolon aka George


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19 thoughts on “ZOOLON’S NEW ALBUM – ‘RAINBOWS END’”

  1. George, congratulations on the album, it’s wonderful. ‘Rainbows End’ is a beautifully sad and bittersweet lament capturing the missteps of men. Is this the echo of the past, present and possibly the future? We can hope not. ~ Mia


  2. A song of reflection, a little sad, and thoughtful. I love the muted harmony, so subtle, slowly immerses you before you realize you’re lost to the guitar’s melody. Quite beautiful, my friend. Congratulations to this new release! xxxxxxxxxx


    1. Thanks. This one made the cut for the album very late. I only wrote it a few weeks before the mini pre-Christmas launch, but friends and family loved it so I ran with it.


  3. I listened to the track today and thoroughly enjoyed it, from the subdued tones to the voice that calls out for change… I think it’s sad how the Earth is being abused… Congratulations on your follow-up album, my friend!


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