(A view of France from England I took yesterday including my mother who ended up paying for my breakfast a little earlier – she should have realized I don’t carry cash or remember pin numbers)

Walking around town today looking at people just getting on with their different lives it reminded me to give this one an outing. I’ve a new song to post soon that is based on this, although the lyric version has been adapted for the melody. This is the raw version.


Bare lightbulb poverty

Barefoot, no ambition

TV, PC, stolen acquisition

Earth mothers and open mouths

Kentucky Fried Central

Finger food romance

Staffie, no name tag, no leash

Move on, nothing to see here

Love in a gravy stained tracksuit

Life in a gravy stained tracksuit

Street fighting stained tracksuit

Move on, nothing to see here

Friday’s coke snorting genius

World News? Brain in gear news?

Who? What? When? Where?

Never ask Why? Never why

Indifferent indifference

Move on, nothing to see here

Really is, nothing to see here

Move on

Just go


If I could change the world

I’d unlock the poison door

Give people eyes that see

Not eyes that just look

Not eyes that turn away

Not eyes that can’t speak

Better blind than that

Nothing to see here 


Time for some music. With the new album on the way, and new videos for my YouTube channel also on the way, a last outing for the time being of my classical music vid, ‘Requiem for a Ghost’. If you’ve not heard it before, I hope you enjoy – if you have heard it already I hope you don’t mind this reprise;

Time for one from the ‘Sacred Hearts Club’ album from favourite musician, Foster the People. A song called ‘Sit Next to Me’.

This doesn’t apply to Foster the People, just my stuff – Copyright © 2016 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

29 thoughts on “EYES”

  1. Haha. I get what you mean with the pin numbers.
    At the moment I have 5 bank cards and I only remember one 😦

    I like the tune of the song too. I never had a youtube account, but now that do, I subscribed 😉


  2. Love the song. Had a blond thing happen though (and it is very, very late). My headset decided to go in and out and for a moment there was silence and I thought … was this a special effect given the name for the song? hehe Corrected the issue by holding the wire and enjoyed the song in full.


  3. One of these days I should use YOUR music for my “Writer’s Music” posts. 🙂 Honestly, George, your timing with the tension is spot-on, and the build is drawn out just enough to draw in without dragging along. I tip the proverbial hat to you, Sir.

    The lyric’s got a feel of Polaroid snapshots littered about the floor, of walking on them as one walks down the street, brushing shoulders and feeling nothing.


    1. Thank you. I you ever want to use a track my new album, Rainbows End was released today and the previous one, Dream Rescuer is all on Soundcloud as of yesterday. Help yourself whenever you want.


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