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I’ve been mucking about with new lyrics/melodies lately. Some are working; some I let fly away back where they came from. For random reasons I’ll probably never figure out, history has been on my mind – perhaps the flavour of French history from last week has stayed with me? Anyway, it’s the small pieces of history that never made the history books that fascinates me. The song I’m working on presently, ‘A Postcard from Before’ is themed on the people who never got talked about much from back in the dark days of WW2. Somewhere down the line, when I get my act together this may appear on a new album as a whole song. I hope so. 

A POSTCARD FROM BEFORE (extract from a new song)

I found a bent and buckled postcard date-stamped 8th May 1944,

Sent back home to England to an address that is no more,

I couldn’t make out the signature, just the words, “What are we fighting for?’

I love you, I’ll be back home soon, after this nightmare of a war”


I wondered if he made it home, if he managed to get out alive,

Or in a battle on the frontline some place, maybe he didn’t survive?

And at the house that’s now demolished, did she wait in hope he would arrive,

In hope that come the peacetime, they had a love story to revive


I’ll sing a song of hope for them,

Even though they’re now no longer here,

I’ll sing a song of hope for them,

I’ll sing a song of hope for them,

I’ll sing a song of hope for them,

Won’t let their memory just disappear.

Here’s a piece of music, an older number I wrote a while back, ‘Rebirth’ to accompany the words. A substitute piece of music I know, but the sentiment feels right. Hope you like it;

Here’s a piece of music, an older number I wrote a while back, ‘Rebirth’ to accompany the words. A substitute piece of music I know, but the sentiment feels right. Hope you like it;


By the way, here’s link to my new album, ‘DREAM RESCUER’. It costs not much, and is available worldwide.  If you fancy buying it and feel able to post a review on Bandcamp, I’d appreciate it.

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

47 thoughts on “A POSTCARD FROM BEFORE”

  1. George, the extract is wonderful. You’ve created a whole story within a small slice of history, a postcard date-stamped 8th May 1944. From what you’ve given us, we get to fill in some of the blanks, imagine further the “he and she”, and what their lives were like before the postcard and after. This is lovely and so beautifully sad at the same time. I love that you’ve brilliantly given a personality to the “he” with his words on the postcard, a glimpse into what type of man he was and his thoughts about the war, while still fulfilling his duty. I believe she waited. A terrific pairing with, “Rebirth” giving me he chills. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. ~ Mia & The Boys

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    1. I’ve had a strange day of coincidences today. Hopefully good ones, yet tenterhook on the business front. Your kind words have been the perfect distraction. Thank you, Mia, Rexie & Erniefunkel.

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  2. I think your new idea has a wealth of potential, George. So many perspectives, so many stories, not all of them pleasant or heart-warming, so many walks of life–yes, I do think you’ve found voices that need to be heard. As an American of immigrant roots, I have little understanding for what it means to have my homeland attacked. I also have only a little connection to WWII–one grandfather served in Italy but refused to speak of it; one grandfather could not serve because he lost nearly all hearing at age 11. But I’ve never lost that thirst for the past: not to live it, mind, but to understand it, because when we forget where we came from, we often stumble right back into it, just as blind as before.

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    1. I had a Granddad who was a WW2 POW. It wasn’t until he went bonkers with dementia that he told the family the stuff he went through. Just a regular conscript – one of the little people who saw it first hand and chose to forget what he saw until his mind was in a different place. Someone cleverer than me needs to give the memories of those like your grandfather and mine a voice and by doing so do the history books a favour.

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  3. I didn’t get this on my reader , so glad I found it here on twitter, wouldn’t want to miss this beautiful post for the world. Heart rending lyrics. You are one fine writer, Lord George.

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  4. I love this song as well. I have a nagging question – does Zoolon rhyme with blue-lon, or with blow-lon? Thank you for your music and your answer. 🙂

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    1. I so glad you liked it. At a guess, I’d say ‘blue-lon’. Being dyslexic I can never be sure. I always have to run my rhymes over others first. Thank you for taking time to read and listen. George aka Zoolon


  5. I enjoyed listening to the tunes for Rebirth and I think the lyrics you have penned for Postcard from before are great – Thanks for sharing! Peace and blessings 🙂

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