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There was a seriously dense blanket of fog the other night. Everything was silent apart from the foghorns of the ships passing through The English Channel.  Eerie sounds, some in the near distance, other miles out a sea. Sound travels well in fog. I never got to sleep a wink. Perhaps, if the foghorns had played in unison, the melody would have helped me drift off. At one point in the early hours I wondered what the seagulls were doing. They certainly weren’t squawking away as per usual. Not a sound.

In the morning, the fog had cleared. I noticed that my car was covered is seagull pooh. I mean, totally covered. I thought about displaying it in an art exhibition. It started off life metallic denim, whatever that is, not that you’d notice that after the gulls had finished with it. That’s probably why it was so quiet at night. The seagulls were obviously tired out after having used my car for target practice.

It was then that a random thought hit me. Car wash businesses must make loads more money the closer they are to the sea? If I owned a car wash business I would make sure to keep the seagulls fed. That way I’d have guaranteed business all year round.

Anyway, an embryonic lyric – not a poem. As always, I’ll muck about with it before it becomes a proper lyric. Hope you like it. 


She’s got a husband and a lover

A rescue dog, this year’s pushchair

Snow white teeth, painted nails

She’s skin and bone but doesn’t care


Her husband has a mistress

Her lover a blade and an old 45

Those black varnished nails are flaking

Her heart beats fast but she’s alive


Streetwise when she’s got be

She lets the plastic pay

For this and that and everything

She lives from day to day


The moneylenders on her case

The microwave’s stone dead

Got an Ultra HD TV

Got the butter, not the bread


Her palace is a high-rise

A rusty balcony without a view

Fate hangs out ten stories down

A dark alleyway, no leafy avenue


She just wants to go it alone

Get back in the zone

She just wants to go it alone

Please don’t call in the loan

She just wants to go it alone (etc. etc. perhaps)

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George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

30 thoughts on “GOT THE BUTTER, NOT THE BREAD”

  1. Thanks for making me laugh with your thoughts on seagulls.
    Also, I really like the lyric. I probably wouldn’t change much about it. Reminds me a bit of Sons of Anarchy, I don’t know if you’ve seen it. Their matriarch is a terribly annoying woman, and in many ways she’s a complete biatch, but there’s a certain romantic aura around that fast and loose lifestyle.

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    1. Thanks for reading. I’ve not followed Sons of Anarchy but will check it out. I do like seagulls even though they are annoying sometimes. It’s the price for preferring animals over humans. The lyric will get juggled about when the melody comes, they always do. I composed it mucking about with an acoustic but never know where it will end up.

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      1. Yes, Sons is quite an interesting show, at least in the first 2-3 seasons. After that it just gets too repetitive.
        I like seagulls too, even though one of them actually stole a churro from my hand in San Francisco, and a bunch of seagulls raided my bag on the beach in LA. There was no food in the bag, but as soon as I stepped away they descended on the bag and pulled out my bikini, it was hilarious. I’m all for preferring animals over humans. Animals just have so many positive qualities despite the fact that they poop everywhere.

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      2. Cool, I’m glad you’re liking it. I binge-watched the first couple of seasons.
        Yeah, I think that would have been a very LA kind of story “bikini scandal on the beach” or some such headline 🙂

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      1. Yeah. I have to be able to see it in the morning. SO stupid but there it is. We are plagued with gulls in Dundee. One night at the taxi rank I had tae bash one wi mah bag that swooped on my pal.

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      2. There was also the time where we were sitting in a beer garden on The Royal Mile in Edinburgh and one swooped onto the table in the next door ‘garden’ right next to our table and smashed the glass. I t was a deliberate attack. It wasn’t after food.

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  2. Great image with the seagull over your shoulder. I wonder if the fog and foghorns messes with the seagull’s internal radar. Obviously they had to find something to do. A brilliant idea, well fed seagulls and a 9 to 5 car wash business, seven days a week. “GOT THE BUTTER, NOT THE BREAD”, is mind bending in a great way. I realize you may change up the lyrics, as they stand, they tell a sad tale, yet I bet she doesn’t care. “Fate hangs out ten stories down” is a fabulous and powerful line. Looking forward to hearing the completed version. Have a splendid and creative evening George. ~ Rexie Amun-Ra & Mia Pharaoh

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    1. That gull in the pic was trying to nick my croissant. It was taken a couple of years ago near the uni. I can’t help but like them though. The verse type potential lyric is a bit like a soap opera or a reflection of life. Walking around town I see so many young mothers, hundreds. I think that’s where the story came from. It sings better than it reads – well, in my head it does. I’d been waiting for a story lyric to arrive for ages. I’m hoping this creative roll keeps on rolling. Hope creativity is all around, Great God Rexie & Mia Pharaoh – not that I ever met him but there was a relative of my mum whose first name was Pharaoh. Pretty cool name.

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      1. Thank you for a terrific reply George. Creativity is all around, it just needs to be plucked from the air. Poet, Ruth Stone said something like, and I’m paraphrasing, she would feel and hear a poem coming at her from over the landscape riding a thunderous train of air. She had to get to a piece of paper as quickly as possible, if she wasn’t quick enough, the poem would pass right through her looking for another poet. Other times she would grab a pencil with one hand and catch the poem with the other. Pharaoh is a very cool first name! I hope your Sunday has been enjoyable so far. Here’s to the capture of creativity! ~ Rexie Khonsu & Mia Bast

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      2. It’s the same with melody. There is nothing worse than having a melody hit you in the middle of the night, then when you wake up next day there’s music blaring out that eats up what’s left of the melody in my head. Hate it when that happens. Have a great day, Rexie of the Moon & Mia, Goddess of Cats (I had to research this)

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  3. I’ve always wondered what comes first–the lyric or the melody. Is this the common trail, to write the lyrics first? I wonder how these words would sound sung with a guitar, or piano, or just a Capella…

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    1. I do it both ways round. It just depends on what comes into my head first. If it’s words first then generally I write in verse – I change it later. When it words first the verse just has to match a basic beat. It is more satisfying to write melody first though.

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      1. They sure are. I have a family of gulls living nearby. They wake me up in the dark, and I smile 🙂 Just have to watch out for the poop and clean it up as quickly as possible. It leaves stains.

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      2. Oh that’s true 🙂
        I have many blog posts about sea birds, and plan my annual trip this May when they are nesting. You might talk your parents into coming to Ireland in May or early June to visit Saltee Islands. Crazy experience.

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