Here’s an experimental track I made using samples (if it helps, made in Bitwig).  I called it ‘On the Edge’ because that’s how I remember I felt the day I composed it.  I was under attack from an overload of thoughts. The sort of thing we all suffer from time to time. Those times when thoughts escape and decide to have a bit of fun by themselves before they are recaptured and locked up again. This piece bounces around in much the same way as thoughts running free and enjoying themselves do – not realizing that they’re causing me to be on the edge of a mild case of madness.

Hope you like it.


Also, I am in the middle of upgrading the Zoolon Audio website at the moment. Part of the revision of the website is a new addition to allow WordPress blog and reblog posts to appear. I just need to double-check that any YouTube links in a blog post work properly. So, I know I’ve blogged this Guitar Mash before, but I’m using it again as a live test to make sure I’ve dealt with the technical gremlins. If you haven’t seen this one before I hope you enjoy it.

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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

24 thoughts on “ON THE EDGE”

  1. George, your image is terrific. Sepia is my favorite, all the browns are great. “On The Edge” is wonderful. You’ve indeed captured the playful quality of escaped thoughts, just having fun and not thinking about their host. If you don’t teeter on the brink of “a mild case of madness” once in a while, you might not be living right. Once those thoughts are out and about, sometimes it can be difficult to recapture them, like putting a genie back in the bottle.

    “Guitar Mash”, is so good, so mesmerizing, for both the eyes and ears. It has a subtle, but addictive quality to it, perhaps it’s the underlying melody. I can hear it even when I’m not listening to it, I’m sure I will hear it the rest of the day, congratulations and thank you! I hope you’ve managed to work out all of the gremlins.

    Please enjoy your Saturday evening, so strange, we’re pretty much just starting our day. ~ Mia & Rexie

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    1. Escaped thoughts are a bit like wasps. Annoying but they don’t deserve being killed. The guitar mash was just a bit of fun really, glad you liked it. Repetition is the key to these things. Hope it doesn’t keep you awake when you want to sleep. Why is it sometimes the worst music that you get in a car or playing in shop that keeps people awake at night? Odd, when most of the melody buzzing around in the head is so bad. The gremlins died about 3pm once and for all. It is dark here and I think an urban fox might just have got the neighbours chickens. There seems to be an issue and a mass of noise. I wish my stereo recorder wasn’t on charge. George

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      1. Sometimes one of those escaped thoughts will actually materialize into something rather significant. I do like it, which is good thing! I believe you’re right, it’s the repetition that our minds latch onto.

        Wonderful news about the gremlins. Terribly sad about the chickens, I hope they’re okay. Perhaps it will quiet down soon, and all will be well. ~ M & R

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      2. I seems it was all down to someone’s pet ferret on the loose. The chickens survived for another day. They were just kicking up a rumpus. You’re right though, thoughts, especially random thoughts that don’t play to any rules are brilliant things.

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      3. I have this thought that ferrets are are like weasels, and weasels eat chickens if I remember correctly. It must have been quite unsettling to listen to, hopefully this evening will not be a repeat of last night. You’re so right, I live for the random thought that proves to be a happy accident.

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      4. The ferret is owned by the plumber over the back. He’s (the ferret, that is) called Stinky McStinky and he’s not unpleasant except when escaping and seeking quarry. They shouldn’t have let him escape. Thankfully, all is well as he couldn’t get into the chicken’s domain. Stinky McStinky is monochrome in colour so I can’t help but like him.

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      5. Really, Stinky McStinky?! Great name! Well I’m glad to hear that he’s liked and a good guy (the ferret, that is). I’m happy to read that everything worked out for Stinky and the chickens.

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    1. Thanks. It tested a few odd bits from this post on my blog link to my website and thankfully all the links worked first time. That is so rare, normally when I adjust things it takes hours to get them OK.

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    1. Being the first thing I’ve read today that’s cheered me up. There was dense fog in The Channel last night and I think the fog horns from the big ships have kept the whole town awake. There’s got to be a song in that somewhere.

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  2. I really liked On the Edge and the guitar mash. You have so much talent! Although I play guitar a bit, I can basically just read the notes on the page and play them. I’m nowhere near composing my own stuff.

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