I think I took this picture in Nantes, France. Anyway, another demo song recorded in a bedroom from a while ago when access to a studio was not always easy. Not that professional of me I know, however more studio recorded new music is on its way as I’m recording new songs all the time.  It’s just that I’m into resurrecting this older stuff at the moment as well. It reminds me to not let songs die hidden away in a corner somewhere forgotten.

As with the one called Ballerina Dancing posted a couple of days ago (https://zoolonaudio.wordpress.com/2016/12/19/ballerina-dancing/) this one is from the conceptual project ‘Liquid Truth’ themed on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

‘Just a Shadow on a Wall’ was important to the project as it was a link song dealing with the moment the prisoner, who all his life had been in the cave knowing only the shadows he was forced to look at as his only reality found out he was to be freed. A new reality awaited him.

Because of this, getting the structure of the lyric right was vital. Even more so than usual. Basically, this is a ballad focusing on his situation. In the actual allegory, the prisoner was forced to look at a variety of different shadows, so in working on the project I cheated as the shadow of the ballerina dancing was always in front of him, was all he knew of reality. Hope you enjoy.



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George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

34 thoughts on “JUST A SHADOW ON A WALL”

  1. George, “Just a Shadow on a Wall” is fabulous, beautifully creative with so many layers. The opening lyrics are terrific, “You draw a line, a line in the dirt”, we know what’s coming next. And then you do something completely unexpected, brilliant, and incredibly sad, “Can the dancer travel with me?” (I don’t recall this idea being part of the allegory; please forgive if I’ve forgotten.) For me this line captures so much of what the allegory is about, which brings me back to, “All I know, is all I know.” It’s rather heartbreaking the safety that the ballerina represents, if not some sort of undefined love. Even sadder yet, I’m not sure the prisoner has the capacity to realize that his dancer will always be a prisoner of the cave.

    The image that you’ve included is lovely, a stunning sculpture, hoping for the prisoners sake his shadows were as beautiful as the dancers in the photo.

    I hope that you had a productive and successful day in the studio. ~ Mia

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    1. Thank you. I introduced the ballerina – as weird as it sounds – because I thought the prisoner needed a romantic interest to spice the project up a little. Poetic licence I guess. The twists in the lyric were important because he didn’t know a thing about what we call the ‘real’ world – if it is ‘real’ and that’s open to debate. Most importantly, was it too much of a balled to appeal to my number 1 fan Rexie?
      Despite pouring rain, that didn’t bother me, today was fine as I was inside. The new album, a studio album, ambient ballads – because not many are doing those these days, unless you count silly love songs they compose in the bath, or get others to compose for them – is coming on, right now, better than I hoped for. After that it’s back to the classical album and all the worry of ‘how many violins’ again.
      More important, did you have a good day? It’s late here now and I’m not sure of your time zone.

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      1. You’re welcome George, no it doesn’t sound weird at all, it’s most endearing to allow the prisoner have some connection with his ballerina that isn’t sterile and cold, as you might imagine a cave dweller’s thoughts could be. “Real world”, is such an interesting concept, fun to think about. If you believe something is real, then isn’t it? *Shrugging shoulders*. Bring on the ballads, your number 1 fan Rexie enjoyed it tremendously (me too), and he liked the narrative. I think he’s getting accustom to the sound of your voice, which is great. I’m attempting to duplicate Pavlov’s experiment, so he will be conditioned to eat when he hears your voice. He’s such a picker at his food, he might have gotten that from me (never thought of that before).

        I’m so happy to read that the new album is coming along well, sounds like it was a productive day. Will you be sharing any of it? Classical too? Wonderful! Do you have a good luthier? George, how many instruments do you play?

        Oh the rain, yes it’s great when you’re inside. It just started to rain here, they say it never rains in California, not true. Do I have a time zone? * Laughing* I’m terrible with time in general. It’s approximately 12:30 in the afternoon now. I am having a good day, thank you. I never accomplish what I intend, but that’s okay, tomorrow is another day. Wishing you a wonderful evening George, that is what’s left of it, may it be dry and filled with much inspiration and creativity. ~ Mia

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      2. The ‘real world’. The part of the allegory that always fascinated me the most was when the prisoner returned from the ‘real world’ and told his mates back in the cave all about it. They didn’t believe him for the sole reason that the only world they knew, their ‘real world’ was inside of the cave. They couldn’t comprehend a world outside of the cave. That part poses more questions than the allegory answers, although I’m sure Plato would disagree. Even centuries on Christian philosophers have used it to explain the ‘obvious’ existence of afterlife and heaven. Personally, I think that that is a step in the wrong direction. Illogical in fact (or lack of fact) and allegory content. I cover the return to the cave in a couple of other songs I’ll blog after Christmas.
        In common with Rexie I forget to eat so often. I guess forgetting to eat is better than eating too much. Bet Rexie agrees.
        The new ambient stuff is my biggest project yet. The samples for the business was massive in terms of time but this project starves if creativity stumbles. It, plus the classical album represent new ‘products’ for Zoolon Audio so they won’t be blogged but I will make sure you get a free download when the album goes on sale. I seriously appreciate your interest in my music. The only classical piece I’ve blogged so far is Requiem for Ghost (https://soundcloud.com/zoolon/requiem-for-a-ghost).
        I play mainly guitar, mandolin, keyboards, piano, a bit a percussion, self-taught just about passable violin (thanks to YouTube tutorials) but cannot do a thing with brass at all. My degree covered the technology of music which means electronic music is a thing I know inside out, although to achieve this I have to keep up to date with software.
        Have a great day.

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      3. Thank you for a wonderful reply George. I think you’re very right about it posing more questions. While I love the allegory, and how it approaches the idea of a belief system and then challenging that system, I can’t help but think about the art of manipulation and how it influences the fear of the unknown. The ideas here are endless and quiet fascinating to think about. Sorry to ask, is there any “obvious” evidence of a Christian “afterlife”? I’m looking forward to the other songs.

        Rexie says, “here’s to eating to live and not living to eat”, and “you’re most welcome, thank you, it’s our pleasure to be able to enjoy your music”. So much talent, so many instruments George, along with the marvels of technology that allow you to do what you do really well.

        I want to wish you great success with the new projects/products. I will leave my thoughts on “Requiem for a Ghost” on your post. Hope your having a great day too. ~ Mia & Rexie

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      4. Is there any evidence for an afterlife? Good question. If there was I’d be an agnostic instead of an atheist. I don’t shove my atheism in people’s faces though and am happy for people who are happy whatever they believe in. It’s all that matters.
        Rexie the Cat sounds like my father who says (too often) he has ‘A passion for food, not a passion for eating it’.
        To my shock and pleasure I recorded a melody with a broken string on my mandolin yesterday – I didn’t have any spares at the time – and it worked better than I expected. Odd.
        You and Rexie the Cat have the best Christmas. Has Rexie got a present?

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      5. Rexie does sound a lot like your father. Maybe that’s the odd and magical thing about creativity, sometimes there are happy surprises, (broken string). I’m late to the party as always (plus really for me it’s just another day), so Rexie’s gift will hopefully be completed in time for his birthday, late March. Please don’t tell him I’m working on a charm for his collar, I’m thinking something with cat’s eye, I need to pick up some butane for the torch and I should be good to go. Thank you for the kind wishes, the same to you George, whatever that is an atheist does on a religious holiday, enjoy! ~ Mia & Rexie

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    1. I thought I’d make an early start today. I’m glad I did. Your comment and those of others on WP have focused me on what type of songs work more than any audience at a gig ever could. Because of this I am well underway with my analogue ambient album for the new year and so pleased I gave up the idea of getting a boring normal job. I shouldn’t have ignored social media for such a long time after uni. Thank you.

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      1. Look, go for it. You have a fabulous voice you know. I said that to your dad when he first put up your song about Mars. And this style of voice and sound NOT to mention your wonderful words, is very in right now. No-one can ever make things happen for you but you. That you don’t have a normal boring job leaves you the time to do this. Plenty time to get a normal boring job IF and only IF this does not work out. I am certain it will

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      2. Thanks. You’re right, the project must work or it’s back to the drawing board. I’m lucky that the work is paying off on the sample side better than I thought it would to start with. As the product range on the website gets bigger and word of mouth and direct marketing kicks in it’s fingers crossed. Down the line a bit I intend to create a page for other artists to showcase and sell their work – for a small commission on sale only – and one day if we ever make that page 1 on a Google search I’m sorted. We just need to build up the traffic. Don’t know why I keep saying ‘we’ when it’s still ‘me’. I could do with a fulltime assistant. Hopefully one day soon. Have a great Christmas. George

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