Most places that call themselves a ‘gallery’ aren’t galleries at all. They’re just shops selling paintings, some of them OK, others rubbish, most with silly big price tags on and piled up one way or another. This shop type gallery I saw in France the other day was alright, even though it was a shop. Quality.

The bit of life that stood between what I was and what I wanted to be is the bit of life where boredom and no pressure killed all creativity. That bit has disappeared now. I wonder where it is sometimes, check and remind myself that I don’t care.

Talking about bits of life where I lost all creativity there was an 18-month period after uni when I couldn’t find a new melody no matter where I looked. This song broke my duck. For obvious reasons I called the song ‘REBIRTH’. Hope you enjoy;


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Published by

George Blamey-Steeden

Guitarist / Songwriter from the UK. I have a First-Class BA (Hons) in Creative Music Technology. You check out my music via Bandcamp.

26 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS OF ZOOLON, NO. 3”

  1. I dig it. 🙂 Seriously, I can imagine someone in the midst of life, sitting alone among the dandelion seeds caught up in a small whirlwind while children play, while animals bark and race. I can see the resolve form, and the determination that takes that someone up off the ground. He cuts through the life like a knife. There’s no looking back.

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  2. Hey, want to let you know that I certainly appreciate all the views that you have given my site.. I listened to this. It speaks to your confidence that the lyrics did not start until around the 55 second mark. Vocals beautiful, especially the octaves, how they came in in the left channel and right, with the main right thru the center. That’s how I heard it. Also it was a nifty blend of traditional sounds and digital sounds. My brain is about half wracked because my machine is giving me this buzz sound, that I cannot isolate, so I have been just goofing with live stuff, no multi-track. Yeah, I know what it feels like to have creative lulls, but right now I am going full stream, actually have to stop every day for creative balance. Take care, thank you.. ted

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    1. Thank you. Me as well. Been working a 60 week these last 3 months producing the samples for the business and trying to write more songs. Got half a dozen melody in place and a pile of lyrics. Just got to find time to match them up in the studio. Keep the art and music coming.

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  3. Great song. I don’t think that such quiet periods mean a lost creativity. You ‘couldn’t find a new melody’ because you were ‘looking in the places’ you were yesterday, so to say. You grow, and every quiet period means you are just moving forward 🙂

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  4. Hellfire Corner…perfect. I want to live in Paris. I love it so much. I agree with your post about the nuns having different colored hair and great shoes. Definitely get rid of the robes and stuff…so silly. Lots of fun. Thank you.

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